W Monocrystalline Module, Canadian Solar CS5PM, Anodized Aluminum Alloy, Silver, UL certified, California CEC listed. This low priced solar. CS5PM. W. V. A. V. A. CS5PM. W. V. A. V. A. Nominal Maximum Power at STC (Pmax). Optimum Operating. : Canadian Solar CS5PM Solar Panel Watts From King SolarMan Inc: Garden & Outdoor.

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Check very carefully about the location of the panels. When you enter your details we display a more detailed online estimate. I installed micro-inverters, 250 them.

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That 25m he moved to Canada and began studying to obtain his masters degree in physics. I am so pleased with the experience we have had with our panel’s thus far.

Review added by Kristy Type: Canadian Solar Panels Canadian Solar produces a variety of panels. Canadian Solar has a good reputation and warranty.

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We only considered two panels in our decision making process. Review added by solarHappy25 Type: I have not had my panels for an entire year yet, so I will have to see how well they produce during the shorter less sunlight days of winter.


Review added by Mookel Type: The system is rated at 3. And Solaredge is a company that makes them. Review added by Jim from Keaau Type: While Canadian solar was the world’s 2nd largest panel manufacturer in it was only the 10th largest cell manufacturer.

This one was the better one.

I was gone for 3 weeks during an unusually snowy January when the panels were not cleared of snow at all. Live pricing data is an installer’s most commercially sensitive information and so this is why we are required to validate your name, address and phone number. CS6XM 72 Mono cells.

Canadian Solar’s Dymond panels are different from most as they as the plastic back sheet is replaced with another layer of glass. Review added by Seany Type: Now get live pricing! Happy Solar customer Type: Review added by Janice Engle Type: Energy Aware Review Date: Review added by KGConant Type: A DC optimiser is bundle of electronics that can reduce losses from panel mismatch and shading.


Panels were installed one year ago and perform according to specifications. See the best Canadian Solar offers available in your city. The panels have been working fine. Once that was completed, our power company switched over the electric meter and we are working. Review added by Lee Css5p. Review added by HondoHeights Type: We 2500m a 4KW system and the last few sunny days we have been getting over 20 KWh per day.

Their warranty is insurance-backed.

PV Module Manufacturer Details

All-Safe Energy Review Date: I am looking forward to receiving power savings. At first, it would work ok until it heated up at around 10 AM.

The reality discovered on installation was that this was not the case. Review added by seniorr Type: Please complete site address.