8, , Table of Contents (Masterformat ), , Table of Contents ( Masterformat ). 9, , List of Drawings, , List of Drawing Sheets. CSI MasterFormat Edition: Division 15 Mechanical-Section Fire Protection Piping. CSI MasterFormat Edition: Division 21 Fire. MasterFormat™ to Sorted by current NMS () numbers. Page 1 of Note: Numbers in Bold are revised NMS titles. Existing Numbers and Titles.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. After World War II, building construction specifications began to expand, as more advanced materials and choices were made available. Once the insulation system is designed, the engineer must create a specification that ensures the solution is fulfilled. This additional subdividing gave specification writers flexibility. Often, the specifications for pipe insulation jasterformat be written with the understanding that the contractor has various options for which materials to use.

MasterFormat is a standard for organizing specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U. But this theme me very much interests. Keeping the construction-contract documents organized so that readers can retrieve specific information easily during bidding and construction phases has necessitated a review of how mechanical insulation specifications should be written and organized.

massterformat The requirements within a specification section or series of sections must be organized so that end users can easily find the information that they need. Reference Section —Submittal Procedures; submit the following items: ASC; Wayne Ave.

  DVGW W 392 PDF

Verify doors were shipped in upright position. Install door with necessary anchors, hardware and accessories. Width and height of each leaf: So the specifications, as one part of the construction-contract documents, must describe what services to insulate, the materials to be used for each service which often varies with the service sizeand the thicknesses to be applied which also often varies with service size.

The information contained in MasterFormat is organized in a standardized outline format within 50 Cei masterforjat Divisions pre We require javascript and other modern browser capabilities so you may have an masyerformat experience for this site. This separation, while controversial, poses no threat to contractors bidding on mechanical insulation, and it does not present a condition of three identical specifications.


Inthey published a format for construction specifications, with 16 major divisions of work. These are complex requirements and necessitate carefully written and organized specification sections. Within that division, CSI slotted mechanical insulation in a series of sections beginning with the number Mechanical Insulation Specifications Update: Reference Section —Product Substitution Procedures.

Updates were published in, and Archived from the original on 22 March Find a distributor for all your commercial project needs. A Section is divided into three Parts—”general,” “products,” and “execution. These sections in the MasterFormat Edition have the same titles and are numbered 21 07 00, 22 07 00, and 23 07 00, respectively.

This section needs to be updated.

The purpose of this format is to assist the user to organize information into distinct groups when creating contract documents, and to assist the user searching for specific information in consistent locations. When insulation systems are carefully engineered, the results usually include different materials, varying thicknesses, and varying installation requirements for each building service, as well as for the same services installed in different environments.


Keep your projects on time, on budget, and on the mark with integrated shade pockets, light coves, transitions and more. Comprehensive mechanical insulation specifications must communicate construction-contract requirements for the masterrformat of whole project requirements. Changes in Specification Numbering Scheme.

Transition Guide

SpecsIntact was developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA and designed for use by engineers, architects, interior designers, specification writers, mwsterformat managers and construction managers. An indication of the widespread acceptance of MasterFormat is that the ASTM standard for sustainability assessment of building products relies on MasterFormat to organize the data.

Information contained in MasterFormat is organized in a standardized outline format within 50 Divisions 16 Divisions pre Find a Distributor Looking for someone masterormat can help? Adjust to open and close smoothly and freely without binding. Less than 5 cfm.

A relatively new strategy to classify the built environment, named OmniClass, [4] incorporates the work results classification in its Table 22 Work Results. Standardizing the presentation of such information improves communication among all parties involved in construction projects.