Cushcraft X-7 product reviews by real people like you. I have owned 3 of these X7’s antennas, and they are by far one of the best triband antennas I have. Here I have some photos of how I converted two cushcraft Hf antennas into a Homebrewed version of the Cushcraft X7. Additional material was bought. X7 BIG THUNDER TRIBANDER YAGI The X7 Triband Yagi is geared to set new standards in both radiating performance and mechanical.

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Just as impressive is its mechanical robustness over many years in the cushcrqft of the Chicago-area’s summer thunderstorms, especially given our location very near the shore of Lake Michigan, where high winds can sweep in unimpeded from the big lake. Maximum Gain dBi 15M. Or be careful what you bid for on ebay. I have owned 3 of these X7’s antennas, and they are by far one of the best triband antennas I have owned in over 30 years hands down.

My SWR on 17 meters is approximately 1. Manual and instructions clear and easy to follow.

The X7 Triband Yagi – Cushcraft

I really love building antennas and I am happy to assist anyone who wants more info if they think they can build one like this. The driven element is an L-P array with some broadband characteristics. For its 18 foot boom length, low wind load, and mechanical strength which was very important to me in my storm-prone QTH I think it is cushcdaft of the best antennas on the market today.


My antenna is installed at 52 feet on Rohn 45G tower. I use a Van gorden balun but my first log periodic I ever built ,I used a homebrewed 4: It’s located on a foot tower atop our foot engineering school building at a total height of feet about 45 meters above the local ground level.

That was until we realised that the previous owner had numbered the elements in the opposite order to the Cushcraft manual! The bottom line is the X-7 is a cushcrwft performer! Because my QTH is near salt water I did add liquid electrical tape around all of the balun’s internal electrical connections and sprayed the entire outside of the balun box with several coats of clear enamel to ensure that no water would get inside the enclosure.

I installed the Cushcraft X-7 about 8 months ago and have now had enough time with it to make what I think is an honest opinion and performance observation based on my type of amateur operation.

For a small pistol DX station or portable operations – this is a great unit for physical size, weight and build. The end caps on main boom also looked great.

Cushcraft also has a 9 element version using a 24ft boom This is a bonus! Maximum Gain dBi 20M. I had to remove the entire feed cushcdaft to get all of the tape off. It is built very solid.


Cushcraft X-7 Product Reviews

The centre piece had to be reinforced on the inside to support the weight. And, as I have on all of my cushccraft projects over the years, I spayed all the various bolts and screws with clear enamel to keep water out of the antenna as much as possible. If you want flat SWR values across the band, then you will need to go with a full cudhcraft 4 element monobander of your choice.

The article was found in an old CQ magazine and It works really well. I was fortunate in that the antenna was delivered by the seller and had only been split into semi assembled sections. Additional material was bought Having been after a decent antenna for some time, I recently managed to buy a used Cushcraft X7 yagi on ebay.

Never had any problems of lack of parts during assembly despite the box having been damaged by UPS.

Being such a large antenna required a fair bit of space for assembly. Maximum Front to Back Ratio dB.

Cushcraft X7

The photo below shows the boom assembled, and what we thought was the elements in the right order. Number of Elements per Band. Here is cushcrfat great overview of the X7 antenna by E73MClick on photo to go to his site.