The cut up method of Brion Gysin [William S Burroughs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin. Critical Writing. Author: William S. Burroughs. Publication Type: Article in an online journal ยท Article or chapter in a book. As an experimental technique, the cut-up method as applied by Cut to: English artist Brion Gysin in his room at the notorious Beat Hotel in.

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We cannot produce accidents to order. Anybody can make cut-ups. It did not occur gysih them to push the two objects off the table and see how they fall. Drugs, sex, and power control the body, but “word and image locks” control the mind, that is, “lock” us into conventional patterns of perceiving, thinking, and speaking that determine our interactions with environment and society.

The cut-up method could be used to advantage in processing scientific data. Cut- ups often come through as code messages with special meaning for the cutter. Cut gambling scene in with a thousand gambling scenes all times and places. Greek philosophers assumed logically that an object twice as heavy as another object would fall twice as fast.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Literature in the Second Degree. Burroughs At a surrealist rally in the s Tristan Tzara the man from nowhere proposed to create a poem on the spot by pulling words out of a hat.


Cut-up technique

And his “systematic derangement of the senses. Cut and rearrange the word and image in films. The method is simple.

Cultural appropriation Appropriation in sociology Articulation in sociology Trope literature Academic dishonesty Authorship Genius Intellectual property Recontextualisation. It is experimental in the sense of being something to do.

There is no reason to accept a second-rate product when you can have the best. If your strategy is at some point determined. Certainly an improvement on the usual deplorable performance of contacted poets through a medium. Now rearrange the sections placing section four with section one and section two with section three.

You can not will spontaneity. Now cut down the middle and cross the middle. Here is one way to do it.

From the early s, David Bowie used cut-ups to create some of his lyrics. Not something to talk and argue about. In using the fold in method I edit delete and rearrange as in any other method of bgion have frequently had the experience of writing some pages of straight narrative text which were then folded in with other pages and found that the fold ins were clearer and more comprehensible than the original texts-Perfectly clear narrative prose can be produced using the fold in method-Best results are usually obtained by placing pages dealing with similar subjects in juxtaposition.

Here, say, or poems you have read over many times. Retrieved from ” https: Appropriation in the arts. Use of scissors renders the process explicit and subject to extension and variation.


This is where Rimbaud was going with his color of vowels. The cut-up method could be used to advantage in processing scientific data. Cut-ups often come through as code messages with special meaning for the cutter.

But you can introduce the unpredictable spontaneous factor with a pair of scissors. And the best is there for all. He had placed layers of newspapers as a mat to protect a tabletop from being scratched while he cut papers with a razor blade.

All writing is in fact cut-ups. Fill a page with excerpts. The cutup is a way of exposing word and image controls and thus freeing oneself from them, an alteration of consciousness that occurs in both the writer and the reader of the text.

U B U W E B :: William S. Burroughs “The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin”

Thom Yorke applied a similar method in Radiohead ‘s Kid A album, writing single lines, gsin them into a hat, and drawing them out at random while the band rehearsed the songs. We can not produce accidents to order. Shakespeare Rimbaud live in their words. Cut-Up Spoken Word, https: