call and is available as the Variable. type for variables containing Oracle objects. The object type may be called directly and serves as an alternative way of. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is. If None or the same string object is passed in again, the cursor will execute that.

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It is primarily provided to facilitate testing the creation of a connection using the OCI service context handle. Exception raised when the relational integrity of the database is affected.

Previously the edition value was simply ignored. Parameters passed as a dictionary are name and value pairs. Fixed a few error messages. Currently only strings are cx_oravle for the key values. False positive notifications may be received. If the cleanup was successful, a DPI error will be returned and the application can continue to use the connection. Once all of these references are released, the connection itself will be closed automatically.

Added support for SODA as preview. The threaded parameter is expected to be a boolean expression which indicates whether or not Oracle should wrap accesses to connections with a mutex. This constant is used to specify that when events are grouped a summary of the events should be sent instead of the individual events.

Added code to verify that a CQN subscription is open before permitting it to be used. Added support for binding a LOB value directly to a cursor. Return the index of the last element in the collection.

They are special constants used in advanced queuing. This is useful for being ‘nice’ to the database and making sure that database sessions are not left dangling until the database cleans them up. Added samples directory which contains a handful of scripts containing sample code for more advanced techniques. The dsn data source name is the TNS entry from the Oracle names server or tnsnames.


Python cx_Oracle 7 Introduces SODA Document Storage

Fully qualified the table name that was missing in an alter table statement in the setup test script as noted by Marc Gehling. An empty list is returned if no more rows are available. Ccx_oracle support for timestamp columns in Oracle 9i. It is only relevant if both the client and the database are at least Oracle Database By default no false positive notifications will be generated.

Object Type Objects — cx_Oracle documentation

In other words, the delete operation creates holes in the collection. Ordinarily a tuple is returned for each row but if this attribute is set, the method is called with the tuple that would normally be returned, and the result of the method is returned instead. This release brings some key technologies and new features to the Python developer: This constant is used to specify that one or more messages are available for dequeuing on the queue specified when the subscription was created.

If you plan to use callfunc then be aware that the first parameter in the list refers to the return value of the function.

Corrected handling of cursors and rowids in DML Returning statements. This will return a list of integers corresponding to the number of rows affected by the DML statement for each element of the array passed to executemany. Added support for setting a LOB attribute of an object with a string or bytes instead of requiring a temporary LOB to be created.

This constant is used to specify that notifications should be sent when a queue has messages available to dequeue. If no round-trip is required, the operation will never be interrupted. This constant is used to specify that dequeue should read and obtain a write lock on the message for the duration of the transaction equivalent to a select for update statement. Tweak the setup configuration script to include all of the metadata and allow for building the module within another setup configuration script Include the Oracle version in addition to the Python version in the build directories that are created and in the names of the binary packages that are created.


Instead, the value None is returned to be consistent with the methods Cx_oraccle. A message object is passed to this callback whenever a notification is received. A brief example is: This read-only attribute returns the maximum number of bytes each character can use for the client character set. cz_oracle

Advanced Queuing — cx_Oracle documentation

See the Oracle documentation for more details. This constant is used to specify that dequeue should confirm receipt of the message but not deliver the actual message content. Avoid buffer overrun due to improper calculation of length byte when converting some negative 39 digit numbers from string to the internal Oracle number format ODPI-C issue This constant is used to specify that dequeue should wait forever for messages to be available for dequeuing.

They will be closed automatically by the parent cursor when it is closed. This attribute specifies the number of seconds to delay an enqueued message. A runnable example is in SodaBasic.

Added support for dpcumentation implicit results available in Oracle The default is to have no condition specified. A key lookup is straightforward: This object can then be modified by setting its attributes and then bound to a cursor for interaction with Oracle. Dropped deprecated parameters cqqos and rowids from the Connection.

It is returned by the ObjectType.

Added support for autocommit mode as requested by Ian Kelly. Corrected support in Python 3.