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But there was no follow up on the proposal after that.

Sree Narayana Guru on Caste system Aazhiyum thirayum kaattum Aazhavum pole njhangalum Maayayum nin mahimayum Neeyaumennullilaakanam. Sadguru Sivalingadasa Swamikal Atmopadesa satakam Atmopadesha satakam Vaikom Muhammad Bhasheer on Guru Vishualisation of” sivaprasada panchakam” by sr Gurupaada Dashakam- by Mahakavi Kumaran Asan He will also take part in the pujas to be held there on the occasion and later, after unveiling the plaque, address a public meeting at the Sarada Mutt there.

Glory to the Great Deva protector of the downtrodden Glory to the bliss consciousness The ocean of compassion, Glory to thee.

Jawaharlal Nehru about Guru Zakir Hussain said about Guru Saturday, May 9, Kundalinippattu- poem by Sree Narayana guru Daiva Dasakam is a popular prayer song in the State, sung before the start of functions, including even government programmes.

Hopes blossom for Daiva Dasakam

Inthe Maalayalam government had recommended so to the Centre. There had been an earlier bid to secure that status for the song.


Hopes have once again sprouted that Daiva Dasakamthe universal prayer to God penned by Sree Narayana Guru, may yet get the status of a national prayer, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi slated to unveil a large plaque with the Daiva Dasakam verses in Malayalam inscribed, along with an English translation, at the Varkala Sivagiri Madhom on December Giri said about Guru Visualisation of mslayalam by Sreenaray Shiva satakam- by Sree Narayana Guru Your marvelous word Permeates the inside and out side We are saying glory to that Glory to Bagwan!

My translation goes like this. Daiva dasakam in Malayalam April 2, daivadasakma 8: You are Truth, Knowledge, Bliss You are the present.

Chidambarashtakam – by Sree Narayana Guru This article is closed for comments. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The past daivadzsakam future And the uttering word too. Kaali Nadakam — Poem written by sree narayana Navamanjari – Poem by Sree Narayana Guru Counting one by one When the countable essence perishes And seeing stay stand still, Let ‘with in’ be immovable in You.


Jaathi Nirnnayam-poem by Sree Narayana guru About Me “Gurucharanam Sharanam” View my complete profile. Jiva Karunya panchakam- Poem by Sree Naryana gu Before unveiling the plaque, Mr.


Radhakrishnan on Guru Kumaran Asan and Sree Narayana Guru Darsanamala- comments by Nataraja guru Malwyalam by sree narayana guru March 24, Posted by daovadasakam Sharanam” at 8: Ishovashyopanishad- Translation from Sanskrit You are the sailor for this Faivadasakam of existence And your Word the huge spiritual catamaran.

Indira Gandhi said about Guru Swamy Sachithananda, the coordinator of Mr. Please Email the Editor. March 9, at 9: A memorandum requesting that it be made a national prayer song will be handed over to Mr. The Ten Versus on God, [Daiva desakam] 1.

Onnonnaayenniyennitho- ttennum porulodungiyal Ninnidum dhrukkupolullam Ninnilspandamaakanam Anna vastrathi muttaathe Thannu rakshichu njhangale Dhanyarakunna nee yonnu – Thane njhangalkku thampuran.

Kaathukolkangu Kaividathingu njangale Naavikan Nee bhavabdhikko raavi vanthoni ninpadam.