PHOTOS: Coroner says Dan Wheldon died of head injuries in car crash .. Murphy tells The Associated Press that an autopsy Monday found. Las Vegas. Accident Investigation. December 15, – Dan Wheldon Crash Accident Investigation Report. Daniel Clive Wheldon (22 June – 16 October ) was a British motor racing driver who .. An autopsy conducted by Clark County Coroner Michael Murphy on 17 October determined that Wheldon died of a blunt force trauma to his head.

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He won his second Indianapolis in May of that year. He ran into the back of a crane that wheldoh not have been in an area that could be hit by another car, and certainly not under the conditions present. Injuries to the cervical neck spine wjeldon, most commonly, where the spine attaches to the skull are rarer than they ever have been, primarily because of the mandatory use of “head and neck restraining” devices.

Autopsy issued in Dan Wheldon’s death

Drivers had been concerned about the high speeds at the track, where whelcon were hitting nearly mph during practice. Despite strong showings, he could not claim a race victory during his time with Panther Racing, which frustrated John Barnes. His car was traveling at about mph when the engine exploded into flames near the finish line. Upon impact with the wall, his head had come out of the window and been crushed against the wall, killing him instantly.

Coroner says Dan Wheldon died from head injuries

In NASCAR, the addition of SAFER wheldkn at most tracks adds a degree of “flexibility” to the outside wall which serves to decrease the G-forces imparted on a race car driver-obviously to decrease the impact of deceleration-type injuries. Fire is an obvious cause of race car driver deaths, but whfldon is extremely uncommon. Wheldon’s vehicle rotated and travelled parallel to the catchfence above the concrete wall behind the SAFER barrier alongside the track.


We will run a five-lap salute in honor of Dan. Archived from the original on 20 October Archived from the original on 16 December Note that this article was published within the Parathyroid Blog of Dr Norman’s website parathyroid. Wheldon remained with CGR for the season. Even if patients with diffuse axonal injuries survive, they often have very serious brain dysfunction for life. Dan was writing a blog for USA Today leading up to the race. The mechanism of injury is that the body is forcibly stopped but the contents of the body cavities remain in motion due to inertia; the brain is particularly vulnerable to such trauma as is the aorta the large artery that exits the heart.

Retrieved 5 December Wehldon Super Bowl win and say goodbye Washington Redskins. Michael suffered a subdural hematoma after hitting his head wehldon a rock while skiing on December 29, Pippa Mann, 28, had surgery on a burned right pinkie finger and was released Monday, as was year-old JR Hildebrand, who had a bruised sternum. Archived from the original on 21 December Wheldon was airlifted from the Las Vegas track at 1: Archived from the original on 8 November His inclusion here illustrates how the many sanctioning bodies that govern the sport of racing are looking out for racers and how one accident can cause the re-design of a piece of equipment.


During the day he became confused and slipped into a coma, classic signs of a sub-dural hematoma that every nurse and doctor knows today.

Autosport British Competition Driver of the Year They also provide protection from blunt and penetration injuries see below.

There are some great stories here! Just like blunt force trauma, the universal use of seatbelts has dramatically decreased the number of injuries and deaths from penetrating trauma compared to the early years of racing.

The Death of Dan Wheldon”. How does your team measure up?

ubtalking: Dan Wheldon – Autopsy Details & Funeral (photos/video)

In the days following the tragedy at the Le Mans, we heard from dozens of racers who are concerned about their own safety and the safety of those around them. Retrieved 23 December Wheldon, who came to the United States from England inwon 16 times in his IndyCar career and was the series champion inthe year he won his first of two Indianapolis titles. It is too bad that the Intimidator had to die for the rest of us to wake up.

Mark Donohue was killed during a practice session for the Austrian Grand Prix.