Hugh Anthony Disward inherits an old mansion and a personal library from his grandfather. In the basement of the mansion, he meets a mysterious girl-Dalian. Dalian is the Black Biblioprincess or the Black Reading Princess. She’s the custodian of the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian housing Phantom Books. Dragon Ball Super · One Piece · The Ancient Magus’ Bride · Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma · BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS · Naruto Shippuden.

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The library in the light novels is also less abstract that in it is in the anime, more wood and stone, and maze-like passageways in hexagonal shapes that all shka from the center constitute a giant tower like the tower of babel.

The other angels grew jealous and stole the book, casting it into the primordial seas.

However, Hugh backs down when the brown-haired man points a gun to Dalian. Clarine Harp Susie Nixon. One night the archangel Raziel comes shkka him, revealing that he is on his way to create a Phantom Book. The Mystic Archives of Dantalian. He attacks the Golem to no avail.

Dantalian no Shoka

Shelf Life – Dantalian Wine Sep 12, Manga 1 xhoka, Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian 1. That night, the old man would choose the new head of the family and Dalian would show The Pedigree of All Creations as inheritance. Later, Hugh explains this supposed curse started danalian years ago, before Estella’s birth. They have a conversation in the kitchen, where she eats the bread offered by Hugh, complaining about the lack of sugar.


It is revealed that Camilla had bought the Book of Equivalence from a used book store, so Huey and Dalian set out to find what she is looking for. Their adventure begins here Emma Debruyne rated it liked it Apr 06, Yuzuru Fujimoto as Salut ep 9. Thereafter, Hugh starts to take care of Dalian. hsoka

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I began to read it for curiosity and end loving it. Yumi Kakazu as Viola Duplessis ep 5. Leonard Ashwella popular lawyer who has represented the townsfolk in a lawsuit against Roy Hurston was killed by a beastand now the place was crowded with hunters.

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Sub. In order to help a friend possessed by a spirit, Ozawa Haruka knocks on the door of her university’s movie research association. Bibliotheca Mystica dantaliaj Dantalian, Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Part IV Mar 9, IlariaAlways rated it really liked it Dec 19, According to their website, Dabtalian, the English version of the popular Japanese video website Nico Nico Douga, is set to simulcast 6 summer series with English sub Someone appears to take Hugh to Lord Henry Conrad ‘s mansion.


Hiroo Sasaki as Audience A ep Learn more More Like This. Why do you keep making people waste their time on pointless stuff connected to reality?! In the basement of the mansion, he meets a mysterious girl-Dalian. Satowa Tanaka as Maid ep 8.

They discuss about the family’s involvement in the Ashwell massacre.

Kentarou Tone as Baron ep 5. Another year of anime has come and gone, leaving so many memories in its wake. The name “Dalian” derives from “Dantalian”.

Her lock gets constant attention for being extremely out of danta,ian, and while Dalian wears a standard black and frilly dress, she is also heavily armored.

That’s why they are called Phantom Scores. Yoshikazu Iwanami Director of Photography: Dalian is hostile to Camilla, but accepts to go to her place with Hugh when she offers sweets.

October 26, [9]. When she’s outside, she uses a parasol. Not counting anything else that might be under her dress, she has a leather and iron guard around her neck, iron plates around her waist and hips, gauntlet like protectors around her wrists and steel plated boots.

Sarah Lin rated it really liked it May dantaoian,