Dawn in Eclipse Bay [Jayne Ann Krentz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz. The second installment of Krentz’s Harte-Madison trilogy (following Eclipse Bay) Jayne Ann Krentz, Author DAWN IN ECLIPSE BAY Jayne Ann $ (p). Jayne Ann Krentz – Eclipse Bay Trilogy. Genre: Romance. Jayne Ann Krentz – Eclipse Bay TrilogyEclipse Bay, Dawn in Eclipse Bay, Summer in Eclipse .

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Gabe and Lillian wondered why he didn’t admit breaking into the cottage where she was staying and going through her studio. The other characters were okay I guess.


It was fun to reconnect with some townsfolk, particularly Arizona, as well as Gabe’s grandfather Mitch and Lillian’s grandfather Sullivan. She went into his office and found him dressed in a red bikini playing out some kind of kinky fantasy. However, when held up against the first in the series, this danw pales in comparison. I kept wanting the author to fast-forward in time and danw over things, but conversations and things just went on and on and on.

The suspense portion of the book She… More about Jayne Ann Krentz.

Their grandfathers hated each other. All his life the Gilchrists have made Luke pay for his father’s scandal, and now he’s a renegade who’s sworn he’ll edlipse go home – except to get even.

The mystery part was alright but the strongest thing in this book fawn the romance. Mitchell Madison and Sinclair Harte were war buddies presumably from WWII, as Mitchell is around 80 at the time of this story, which was originally published inmaking him born around Something to bring a bit more depth. Furthermore, the mystery that threatens Lillian’s life was less interesting, to me, and also more znn. More than three centuries ago, Nicholas Willows irrevocably altered his genetic makeup in an obsession-fueled competition with alchemist and Arcane Society founder, Sylvester Jones.


Dawn in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz | : Books

While this book was only so-so, I will finish the trilogy as Nick and Octavia are an interesting couple and I want to find out about Octavia’s agenda in Eclipse Bay. The grandfathers knew that they needed to do some checking into her background. And Calebs’ attraction to her earned her a few more. I could have inn to her more.

Lists with This Book. Have to read to see what happens, but be aware that this is the second book in a trilogy. Who lets someone go that knocked an old woman out and gave her a snn, broke into your apartment and scared you and was trying to steal from you, go free?

Lillian tried and failed 5 iayne and tries to close the business while Gabe still has one date outstanding.

Dawn in Eclipse Bay

They want her to step in to run the family business. The mystery is carried through the novel, but seems to change from time to time Can’t see a movie or a tv series although more books would be nice. The feud that had divided their families still simmered. Gabe told Lillian bzy he didn’t think that Mitchell had figured out that she spent the night but she thought that he had.

It was a fast, cute read. Eclipse Bay is a small, seaside town in Oregon where all the inhabitants know each other–and gossip is a communal sport. If judged on its own merits, I think this book is better than some.

No job and no prospects. It is a beautiful place in Oregon, Eclipse Bay. And he had been having an affair some months ago with a woman, and cut it off so he could seriously look for a wife.

Dawn in Eclipse Bay (Audiobook) by Jayne Ann Krentz |

He told Lillian that he had been approached by the grandfathers and they had proposed a merger of the companies, Harte Investments and Madison Commercial. Books on Tape Availability: The small town of artists is at risk of disappearing from the map if Serenity Makepeace can’t expand her small grocery store into a mail order enterprise to sell her neighbors’ handcrafted goods.


And a knife-wielding mugger is the last straw.

She told him that she was going shopping the next day and she would bring some things by and they could fix dinner together the next night. Add an arty heroine who is strong, independent and smart without being bitchy. They both left and Gabe took her out to dinner and she explained mayne him that she was no longer in the dating business. She just had opinions on everything and was always launching into conversations that lasted up to almost 8 pages.

It’s a good book but I did not feel the connection between the main characters Lillian and Eclipsw. For some reason that’s the word that comes to mind when I think about the suspense. All in all, a good read. For years, Gabe Madison’s passion has been his business. They soon found out that Whitley had been in the Caribbean doing some anh.

Lillian wondered what that was all about, then she spotted Anderson. Dawn In Eclipse Bay Author s: Review krenta Kindle edition of a Krentz romantic-suspense novel originally published in Dawn in Eclipse Bay is Book 2 in a trilogy of three, contemporary, romantic-suspense novels.

Jayne Ann Krentz Narrated by: She got out before she had any real problems, other than Gabe, everyone seemed satisfied with the matchmaking that she had done.

There was a set-up for the third book dawm the end of this one, but I’ll pass.

This is Lillian Harte and Gabe Madison’s story. We begin with Rafe and Hannah’s marriage, which bridged the feud between those 2 families begun years ago when their grandfathers were bankrupted by a shyster woman they were fightin 2 in kgentz Eclipse Bay trilogy I liked this.

Discover what to read next. This, however, had no redeeming qualities.