Planescape is an official D&D campaign setting first introduced in Second Edition . The setting centers around exploring an original multiverse. GNU Free Documentation License Most content is available under the GNU FDL. Pages under the OGL are marked as such. Privacy policy · About D&D. Planescape is a campaign setting originally designed by David Cook for AD&D 2nd Edition. As its name . Dungeons & Dragons ( Edition) · Dungeon.

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We honestly do not know why anyone would choose to be a cleric in the Planescape setting. An’ you got all the bergs and gates there is, see? Now, you ain’t buyin’ no black diamond with the Cage. Friday, 24th June, It is popular as a meeting place for treaties between the powers. Sure, there’s no sense playing a hende blood someone who is all that and a bag of chipssince they’re so f&d already.

They see their fellow factions either as misguided, dangerous or just a bunch of idiots. A cleric has to have a good reason to refuse a request from his power to get involved in something. The tanar’ri or demons, as they are known on the Prime Material Plane dwell here. Action without thought is the purest. Last edited by afroakuma; at The Multiverse belongs to those who hold it.

Everyone is at the center of their own multiverse, and reality itself can be altered with the power of imagination. All that I say applies only to myself.


Planescape help!

The 3rd Edition Manual of the Planesthe 3. Fraternity of Order sign. Still in Sigil and have spread to other large cities.

Cutter is a catch-all term for Planewalkers, but a better term for the powerful and knowledgeable would be blood, IMO. The Outlands are part of a series of rings that form the multiverse. When properly applied, punishment leads to perfection Alignment: And does everyone talk like that there?

Submit a new text post. For example, the Paraelemental Plane of Ice is divided into Core Ice the center of the Plane planrscape, the Precipice the surface of ice, lashed by eternal blizzards, bordering Airthe Frigid Void empty, freezing space, bordering Vacuumand the Stinging Storm lashing, salt-laced hailstorms, bordering Salt on the “top” of the plane, and the Sea of Frozen Lives freezing cold ocean buried under the Core Ice, bordering Waterthe Shimmering Drifts mind-wiping dazzling drifts of ice crystals, bordering Lightningand the Fog of Unyielding Frost churning, super-chilled mists, bordering Steam on the “bottom” of the plane.

Learn the laws, and you can rule the multiverse Members Alignment: I am sure the Githyanki when they leave the Astral Plane to invade a group of Illithid in the Underdark on the Prime Material Plane aren’t having planesvape magic items nerfed.

Enough like-minded beings of another alignment can cause a portion of the plane to break off and appear on the plane that matches their alignment. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Post as a guest Name. And unlike spells, there are no keys to make magical items work properly.


TSR’s most ambitious campaign world to date. The Gatehouse, an insane asylum Post F&d War: It is typified by vast rugged geography, immense forests, mountains that peak above the clouds, and other splendors of nature.

Main Plane of Influence: More importantly for your purposes, it means you can slip up and apply the wrong amount of bonus every now and then without straining the credibility of the setting: Each plane is dedicated to their material, and the sentients that inhabit these planes are called “elementals” planescaape masse, although the term is usually used for those entities that have extremely simple forms and are summoned to the Prime Material as labour. AirEarthFire and Water.

Planescape Opinions?

The fastest and best way I can think of to familiarize yourself with Planescape is to play the video game, Planescape: Ocanthus is the final and most lethal of Acheron for it is rumored that this is where the River Styx ends. The second layer known as Thuldanin is the multiverse’s junkyard where all planescapr weapons ever made somehow get deposited here.

The paraelemental planes are:.