Scourge of the Howling Horde is a stand-alone adventure designed for a group of 1st-level characters. Perfect for new players or seasoned players, it features. Scourge of the Howling Horde (D&D module).jpg. Rules required, D&D Character levels, 1st. Campaign setting, Generic Setting. Authors, Gwendolyn Kestrel. First published, Scourge of the Howling Horde is a generic setting adventure module for the edition of the. We have a special treat for you in our excerpts for Scourge of the Howling Horde! Instead of presenting our excerpts as text on a web page, this.

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Scourge of the Howling Horde – Wikipedia

Secondly, there are times the DM needs that information, like any time a player has his wizard PC cast a sleep spell on enemies. Of course, the adventure’s simplicity makes perfect sense when you consider its target audience: Unfortunately, the end result is not all that it could be, and I really can’t recommend the adventure for a new DM just learning the system; riddled with errors as it is, it’s liable to confuse him more than it helps him.

Results 1 to 1 of 1. I don’t see how that can be anything but confusing to a new DM trying to learn the game.

It’s not like they can’t use it – they’re each wearing studded leather armor and wielding a masterwork longsword. This is troublesome for a couple of reasons.

Scourge of the Howling Horde

Also, I want to point out that even though there are 20 stat blocks in this adventure and I have 20 items on my “unofficial errata list,” I added Howlinh to the list merely out of convenience; he doesn’t even have a full stat block, just a list of spells. This section is empty. Flat-footed AC should be 12, not Each is a rather simple drawing with some basic shading, but I credit Carl with paying close attention to the written descriptions of what he’s illustrating, as the depictions are spot-on, from the details on the buildings to the specific weapons d&c armor carried ths worn by the goblinoids.


Again, these are pretty lousy stats for a Wizards of the Coast adventure, but they’re especially poor for a new DM trying to understand how the game works. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

Scourge of the Howling Horde – D&D Wiki

Flat-footed AC should be 16, not Sleep affects 4 HD of creatures; how is a DM – especially a first-time DM, like the ones that this adventure is targeted for – supposed to figure out horxe many enemies are affected if he isn’t given the number of HD each potential victim has?

Hit points are provided on the very first line of the stats something I noticed they rhe done with almost all of the stat blocks in Expedition to Castle Ravenloftand Scourge of the Howling Horde even takes it one step further by adding a number svourge “check-off boxes” the DM can “X” through as the creatures take damage, but nowhere do the stat blocks state how many HD a given creature has.

There were also a few places where some odd assumptions were made; for example, the tunnel text on page 27 assumes the PCs are all Medium size, but this is not necessarily so, given that halflings and gnomes are core races.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Her water breathing and immunity to hore are not noted in her stat block.

I just hope this was an oversight in this one particular product, and that the powers that be at Wizards of the Coast haven’t decided that we no longer need to know just how many HD the creatures in their products have.



Friday, 23rd February, You can help by adding to it. Judging by his BAB, he’s a Ftr2. The PCs track the goblins to their lair, and then work their way through the lair, fighting off goblins, hobgoblins, the occasional zombie and skeleton, a bugbear, a dire weasel, and eventually the cause of the recent goblin shenanigans: Saturday, 11th November, Retrieved from ” https: He only spent 9 of his 12 skill points.

As an undead, it drops the ” goblinoid ” subtype. Add the fact that the “Terrain Features” font size is even smaller than the text on the rest of the page, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for eyestrain.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: This review is about an adventure, so if you’re a DM, read on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kestrelwith cover art by Simone Bianchi and interior art by Carl Frank. Breath weapon should be a foot, gorde foot, line of acid. In any case, the stat blocks themselves were not particularly well done, either.

For the record, the dire weasel stat block on page 18 looks perfectly fine to me.

You’d think that a product designed to help new DMs – and a product scurge only has 32 pages, and a total of only 20 stat blocks in all, all of which are of low-level creatures and therefore the least complex stat blocks in the game – would have top-notch, high-quality stats, wouldn’t you?