The Conscious Universe — The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. by Dean Radin. Psychic Phenomena: Unquestionably. Dean Radin is a parapsychology researcher. He has been Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The Conscious Universe also sifts the data for tantalizing hints of how mind is Noetic Science parapsychology researcher Dean Radin is at the Institute of.

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Overall, Radin probably could have achieved his stated goal using less pages. He believes psi research will profoundly affect our notions of space, time, mind, and matter. Apr 12, Laurent Videau rated it it was amazing.

Dean Radin

While Radin’s books have been reviewed favorably by groups that give general reviews such as Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews[22] [23] reviews from scientists and skeptics have been generally negative. They are tedious and do nothing other than try to justify the paranormal in a physical world.

If the first experiment had any kind of error or flaw inherent in it, replicating the results just replicates the error. But his books are filled with evidence of the primary role of consciousness, and they are well done and fascinating reading. While the idea itself is ancient, it has taken more than a century to conclusively demonstrate it in accordance with rigorous, scientific standards.

Excerpt from Chapter 1 In science, the acceptance of new ideas follows a predictable, four-stage sequence. Or of the basic principles of logic, such as the principle of contradiction? Dualism leaves thee the question as to whether psi involves the ability of consciousness to receive or transfer information without physical means altogether or whether there are consciuos processes occurring that we are as yet unable to detect.


He criticizes science for being prejudiced, for prejudging the unexpected statistics found by psi researchers. This is that book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Retrieved January 30, Thus, Radin begins by noting that psychic phenomena fall into three types.

An outstanding book that lays out the information on psychological phenomena. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action. Radin worked as a concert violinist for five years, later switching to engineering after earning an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherstas well as both a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

What are your thoughts on the afterlife?

Dean Radin – The Conscious Universe

Living people births Parapsychologists American classical violinists American male violinists American fiddlers American banjoists People from Petaluma, California Consciousness studies. Radin, degreed in engineering and educational psychology, adduces powerful arguments in favor of ESP and offers suggestions as to how to interpret the data.

Some skeptics might point out to Radin that psi researchers seem related to psi in the same way that earlier scientists who believed in the ether and phlogiston went about their business explaining how the ether and phlogiston work.

Do any of them fit the picture Radin paints? Consciouz now has his own psi lab at University of Nevada. Radin’s ideas and work have been criticized by scientists and philosophers skeptical of paranormal claims. coonscious

The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

Radin and his colleagues have suggested that small-scale studies have produced a “genuine psychokinetic effect” [16] but critics have asserted that Radin has not shown evidence that the null hypothesis of no such effect can be confidently rejected. He stated that the book avoided mentioning the evidence of fraud in parapsychology.


Replicability, Radin notes, is essential in science. You gain a good understanding and horizon for the involved parameters of the rain and typical arguments. Radin is a theoretical physicist who did conventional physics at Bell Labs and got interested in psi not because of some metanoic experience but because he thought that if there’s any truth to psi, it might become the most exciting area in physics, expanding the discipline’s models-of-the-world much as quantum physics did earlier in the century.

Well, at least until I learned how to think and how to read scientific articles. I am working my way up to Dr. Is consvious a “computer made of meat” as some cognitive scientists and neuroscientists believe?

Four of six jackpots in one casino occurred within one day of the full moon. Radin’s explanations and theorizing make for riveting reading.

On the bright side, Radin does a marvellous job of explaining statistics and the meaning thereof so that even people who have never before heard of the words ‘standard deviation’ can understand what statistics do and how they are used. I read this for a paper I was writing on psychic phenomena.

This sort of thing seems to say a lot about the mindset of a typical skeptic. Second, it is violently opposed. May be something to it. In addition to the research summaries, I think Radin’s “Field Guide to Skepticism” and the following chapter is a highlight.

Highly recommended for the skeptical. Sep 19, Gordon Gatiss rated it it was ok.