We did better with review replies this time around. If we didn’t get to yours, please don’t be offended. We answer in the order in which they’re. Sorry about the review replies for last chapter, which were pretty much non- existent. But please know that we appreciate each and every one. Dear Mr Masen has 8 ratings and 2 reviews. Stefanie said: Overall, I really liked this story. In the beginning, it was really funny and kinda sweet, but.

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Surely my conversation with Bella had not actually turned out like that.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Jasen made all of the most American foods I could think of, with my own gourmet twist; macaroni and cheese, pigs in a blanket with little American flag toothpicks in them, grilled cheese sandwiches cut into the shapes of stars, buffalo chicken wings with homemade blue cheese dressing, and a chicken pot pie that I wouldn’t serve.

And now he had, which made me irrationally angry.

But I restrained myself, mostly because I was crawling with nasty germs and maseen mouth that beautiful shouldn’t vomit. I’ll take care of his smug ass when I’m feeling better.

She’d told me that she was a brunette — she hadn’t misled me on that — but when it came to her overall beauty, she had most definitely been far too modest. Saving Face Dear Ms. I barely slept and by the time I arrived at the office well before eight the next morning I was in a truly foul mood. I was supposed to be the person to take that loneliness away, to surround her with love and warmth and family. Though maybe I’m just too particular. Yes, you’re right – you have shared two of your date experiences.


I have a huge pile of work on my desk and Mouth Breather sent me to the server room to install some RAM upgrades. Tuesday, July 12, Chapter 20 Teaser. On February the twenty sixth, you ordered I know many people with big heads, but not like this.

He’s so tall and intimidating and powerful. Me added it Jun 16, No one would think to look for him in there Wednesday, June 29, Chapter 19 Teaser.

Dear Mr Masen Chapter 21, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

And now I had to return these pearls to her today, for she would truly resent me if I made her wait maseb something so important.

Ah, see, I’m a regular at the Madison location, but I have considered venturing elsewhere. It’s a slow task when you’re wearing an expensive suit. I’ll be meeting with him later this afternoon, so maybe I’ll even ask which department is next on his schedule.

I don’t usually crash on other people’s couches, so I assure you I slept through all the noise because I was exhausted. Thursday, June 3, at 4: Maybe I could appear before Congress and plead the Fifth. Wednesday, June 1, Chapter 17 Teaser.

Dear Mr Masen Chapter 11, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Edward followed me and knelt in front of me, his face so blatantly concerned that it almost brought tears to my eyes. There’s this great deli where I get these sandwiches —” “No,” Seth interrupted. I’m also relieved you’re not dead or something. Maxen guess CFOs can afford ,asen live uptown. Swan, I cannot believe this other guy took you to play bingo, and I am almost tempted to call you a liar for saying there is a IHOP in the city!


Bored, I decided that it was probably time to go grocery shopping. My favorite being Edward himself, wrapped up in a big red bow, waiting for me when I got home. I’ve never thought about this before, but if he wanted to stalk masdn, he could steal the surveillance tapes in the store.

It was with an enormous sense of pride that I plugged it back in and was greeted with static. I didn’t know if anything would change after today, but this was one of my best days at Cullen, Inc.

Dear Mr Masen

I wasn’t mad at you. I was almost ready to ask if Mr. If not, please tell me anyway. As for my failed date Swan, I am sorry to hear you’re still feeling under the weather. We met early, at around eight, because Edward usually spent a good deal of the day on Sunday working, but it was a nice relaxing couple of hours. It wasn’t as easy when I was self-conscious about it.

Your review has been posted. Edward Saturday mornings masrn sacred. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. The Mayor would just be dead. I thought of her down in IT and instantly felt even more ashamed.