Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 12 by Harry Harrison. Deathworld by Harry Harrison. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Deathworld [Harry Harrison] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A legendary science fiction story, this trilogy, brought back into print in one . The Deathworld Trilogy (Book Club Edition) [Harry Harrison] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three terrific, non-stop action, very short.

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Better to live in chains and figure out how to get rid of them. But not too much to discourage you from reading what is a bit of a SF classic. Feb 02, Kat Hooper rated it did not like it Shelves: Deathworld is the name of a series of science fiction novels by Harry Harrison including the books Deathworld first publishedserialized in Astounding Science FictionDeathworld 2initially titled The Ethical Engineer and serialized in Analog and Deathworld 3serialized in Analog as The Horse Barbariansplus the short story “The Mothballed Spaceship”written as part of a tribute to John W.

It left me with the feeling that Harrison really held Jason’s position about morality and religion, and was trying to proselytize without ever thinking his position out very deeply. So, despite the luke-warm rating, I feel like I almost have to recommend them.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Although all life on Pyrrus competes for survival individually, they react collectively to natural disasters. There are big plot-holes and unanswered questions throughout the three novels, but if you’re worried about those you’re probably thinking to much. There are several hints that the novels take place in the same universe as Harrison’s The Stainless Steel Rat series; however, other hints suggest a similar universe but not exactly the same one.

Still, we miss Jason running around wreaking havoc in his snarky way. Books by Harry Harrison. It stands for nothing. An adventurer with a flair for gambling due to psionic powers assists its leader with acquiring more weapons for their never ending battle with both fauna and flora that continuously mutates to ever deadlier forms that are constantly attacking the small colony. We do get to follow up with Jason dinAlt, but he never behaves as the Jason dinAlt of the first book.

Jan 19, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ve always liked the other 2 books more than this one since they have better, realistic points. The gravity is twice that of Earth’s.


He just doesn’t include wall-to-wall violence in the Foundation books. Jason, as a character suffers from being better and smarter than everyone else, and he can be rather smug about it.

This time, the danger comes from other humans in a very primative “dog eat dog” society. Jason dinAlt has become one of my favorite fictional characters. A legendary science fiction story, this trilogy, brought back into print in one single volume, presents hero Jason dinAlt as he discovers three separate planets. Well, of course it was. That deathworkd into four, for what it’s worth.

Mar 04, Bobby Lundy added it. The deathworls is simply responding in kind, and in fact cultivates mutations around the city dedicated to the sole purpose of killing humans.

Deathworld – Harry Harrison | Feedbooks

Deathworld 2 hargison more interesting than its predecessor and definitely worth a read, and it may be a treasured book for some young self-styled atheist sci-fi fan who is looking to find more heroes of the non-faith to look up to.

This guy is ten times more righteous and indignant than a Daily Mail reader and in a strange way he’s what steps this book So, at the close of Deathworld 1, hero Jason dinAlt has the inspired idea of setting himself up as a kind of world-taming consultant, hiring himself out to render inhospitable worlds more hospitable. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? It beggars belief a little that Jason, virtuoso and plague of the galaxy’s best casinos, would command such extensive knowledge of mechanics, chemistry etc as harey demonstrates here.

The armada is just weeks away, so Jason and Kerk must race against time to enter the ship. By stirring up an animal attack on the city opposite the spaceport they easily take the spaceship, and therefore the city.

He quickly finds out that there are some Pyrran Secrets and something is wrong with this planet But he takes the casino for so much that he has to escape with the stranger. I did manage after some encouragement from the ranks to get over that and I’m glad I did. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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The only thing that the native pyrruns know what they need to do to kill all the animal and plant life that threatens their safety. Has he written anything more like what Asimov does, not focusing on barbarism for eons but just touching on things when necessary and moving on to more positive stuff?


However, Pyrrus is the most hostile world in the universe, with every life form bent on the extermination of the colonists, even the plant life. Such is the case with Harry Harrison’s Deathworld.

Maybe this was novel or harty vogue in the mid-sixties, but any modern, intelligent reader would find such straw man arguments juvenile, and Harrison’s soapbox sermons about the glories of technology and the evils of faith in a novel of high fantastic adventure is distracting and rather irritating any lit undergrads who want to contrast Harrison and Frank Herbert would have a field day comparing Deathworld 2 and say, The Jesus Incident.

It was up to Jason dinAlt, interplanetary gambler, to discover why Pyrrus had become so hostile during man’s brief habitation Retrieved from ” https: Extrapolating backward, it is clear to Jason that the flora and fauna were once far less hostile to humans. The world’s very name is a reference to Pyrrhic victory, deathworlc success that comes at deahworld cost to the victor.

He knows that though the grubbers would keep their word, the first thing they would get from civilization would be weapons with which to make war on the city. The planet of pyrrus has twice earths gravity and every thing on the planet is made to kill humans.

Deathworld has a very abrupt ending, possibly with the sequel in mind. Even so the human population on this deatuworld is dwindling.

The adventurer checks out the place and finds a dwindling community that is so focused on exterminating nature that they can’t even remember how they arrived on the planet generations ago.

His wisecracking smartarsery makes the story more palatable than it might have been, and brings a ‘light entertainment’ tone to a world that might be unbearably awful in a more realistic novel.

I read it a long time ago for I have read several of the other reviews of this book and I think the majority have missed hwrry point.

Harrison has his extremely pragmatic hero puncture both the extreme selfishness of the slave society and the brainless self-righteous idealism of the extremely priggish cop Mikah.