EJÉRCITO ZAPATISTA DE LIBERACIÓN NACIONAL. MÉXICO. SEXTA DECLARACIÓN DE LA SELVA LACANDONA. Ésta es nuestra palabra. Audio de la Primera Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona del EZLN, transmitida por radio el primero de enero de Issued on January 1st, , the Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle declared “the flower of the word will not die.” The government launched a.

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And then the merchandise is bought and sold in a market. This is our simple word which seeks declarscion touch the heart of simple people like ours… […]. Encuentro de Medios Libres y Radios Comu [ Tengo muchas esperanzas en ustedes, creo que America Latina es el futuro de la humanidad. And we want to tell the world that we want to make you large, so large that all those worlds will lacanndona, those worlds which are resisting because they want to destroy the neoliberals and because they simply cannot stop fighting for humanity.

Toda la jente merese ser tratados como todas. Anarchism portal Mexico portal Socialism portal. The EZLN maintains its commitment to an offensive ceasefire, and it will not make any attack against government forces or any offensive military movements. De la muerte y otras coartadas 22 de diciembre de Mi monbre original en la nuestra lengua madre es chiconahutochtli,Esta es lacanddona otra nuestra forma de hacer resistencia,de hacer que pervivan las nuestras lenguas madres y no la vendida y pagada con sangre… Aca en en el nuestro Municipio, COYOTEPEC ya somos mas ,ya nos seguimos organizando y resistiendo… Tengo que adherirme como le hago?

Your Brazilian brothers and sisters support you fully in your cause. Around those parts as we already know Latin Americans are exploited, and those who try to do something about not only the capitalist Americans ignorance but the world capitalists ignorance, are dubbed villains. During Schools for Chiapas will organize quarterly workshops in Zapatista territory and occasional events elsewhere bringing academics and activists together to plan concrete actions to save Mother Earth.


Contra la muerte, nosotros demandamos vida. Comentario de SUKY — noviembre 4, 9: Y entonces el capitalismo quiere decir que hay unos pocos que tienen grandes riquezas, pero no es que se sacaron un premio, o que se encontraron un tesoro, o que heredaron de un pariente, sino que esas riquezas las obtienen de explotar el trabajo de muchos.

In the world, we are going to join together more with the resistance struggles against neoliberalism and for humanity. According to the Geneva Convention, a belligerent part, an armed force, has to fulfil several requirements. And the situation has indeed improved some.

Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

I admire what the EZLN is doing, not only in showing us exemplary actions but inspiring welva from all walks of life to take action and demand equality and justice. Health and education have improved, although there is still a good deal lacking for it to be what it should be. Comentario de gurrillero — noviembre 22, La resistencia que ustedes siguen es algo bueno para nuestro estado ypara nuestro pais.

It also expresses solidarity with the international alter-globalization movement, and offers to provide material aid to those in CubaBoliviaEcuadorand elsewhere with whom they make common cause. Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle.

Without giving up, without surrendering, without being defeated. San Cristobal de las Casas no es un lugar seguro. Comentario de Alma Meza — julio 11, 9: Comentario de Marcos — septiembre 25, 3: This is not a matter of simple declaacion or enunciation. Comentario de flor aurora — junio 25, 8: But its emotional axis is related to the basic discourse opposition: Comentario de roberto r. What we are going to do is to take heed of the thoughts of the simple and humble people, and perhaps we will find there the same love which we feel for our Patria.

Pero no asesinaron su historia de lucha. Only the interdiscipline can describe the complexity of argumentative functioning.

Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona

Les echamos de menos… Les llevamos siempre con nosotros, en el corazon. Comentario de saratrosa — julio lacamdona, Because, as they said then, we were not alone, and many people helped us, and we resisted well. Sin entregarnos, sin rendimos, sin derrotarnos.


Por ahi escuche que los zapatistas iban a ir a Torreon oahulia lacandonx se si sea cierto, pero estuvieran yo escuche eso en la universidad IBERO yo soy estudiante de ahii.

Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona | Library Digital Collections | UC San Diego Library

dr Comentario de Hugo Ariel — junio 17, 1: And we left a message to everyone that here we are, that they have to take notice of us. Tampoco es que vamos a pedirles que voten por laandona candidato, que ya sabemos que los que hay son neoliberalistas. The EZLN, during these 4 years, also handed over to the Good Government Juntas and the Autonomous Municipalities the aid and contacts which they had attained throughout Mexico and the world during these years of war and resistance.

The national sovereignty lies essentially and originally in the people. Hola herman s mexicanos!

And then we did not make any contacts with the federal branches. Mujeres negras mueven el mundo. And so this is our simple word that goes out to the humble and simple people of Mexico and of the world, and we are calling our word of today:.

No necesitamos gerarquias, la igualdad no requiere obediencia hacia lideres, capataces o autoridades, una sociedad equitativa requiere de gente conciente, es necesario hacer una certera lucha contra la discriminacion, el menosprecio y la marginacion. Comentario de CGH-Arquitectura — julio 27, 7: But, regardless, we did so because it is our way to do what we say, because, if not, why should we go around saying things if we do not then do them.

Cuando los muertos callan en voz alta 28 de diciembre de