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And the second was comprised of field research, data collection and analysis, semi-structured interviews with municipal policy implementers 4 and the study of cecreto municipality documents.

The flow experience, which is the intensive concentration in a task due to great motivation has been emphasized as one important condition to develop creative learning Csikzentmihalyi, Ferreira and Ferreiraafter analyzing a study by the Ministry of Education on the situation of Basic Education in Brazil, presented an interesting history regarding the little expressive participation of Special Education enrollments in regular education.

From gifts to dedreto They are not only fundamental in an academic research, but above all, as in this case, they are also decretto for understanding an institutional structure. Effective leaders must bring relevant experience and have sound judgment.

A number of authorities now advocate for a paradigm shift, suggesting that the gifted field adopt a talent development perspective. Leaders have the best chance of encouraging others to take risks and entertain change if their message connects with the prefrontal region of the ve, and not the more primitive and older parts of our mammalian brain, remnants of our evolutionary history. Biological Psychiatry, 66 1 Scientific Research An Academic Publisher.

One expects to begin to see creative thinking and creative performance as the youngster moves from a level of competence to an elite or expert level in any field, including leadership.

Brazilian Journal of Education, Technology and Society (BRAJETS)

It is necessary to move towards the true schooling of the student, the construction of a school that can be called inclusive, not because it allows access, but because it is committed to the social education of the individual, promoting the appropriation of school knowledge and personal development. Boletim de Psicologia5 56 Equally naive would be to believe that once a policy is published it will materialize as intended, disregarding, however, the existence of political, economic, and social factors that may generate interference in its implementation process.


Abstract Contemporary discussions on educational inclusion put the necessity of multidisciplinary approaches in perspective. Among the actors that constituted the NPPI, there was no consensus in relation to its performance. Messages from effective leaders must be able to shift our focus from experiencing fear – what Goleman poetically describes as preventing “amygdale hijack”, to drawing our attention and metabolic energy to the frontal and prefrontal regions of our brain.

There is no study that has followed over time a large community of gifted children identified at an early age with precocious leadership skills or attitudes.

Thus, although there was assurance that these students would have access to the regular network, it was not a duty of the public power to include such students in the common classes of regular schools. As we have said, classrooms also vary in terms of the degree to which they are conducive or favorable to the development of creativity, including creative leadership. Boletim da Academia Paulista de Psicologia, 19 1 Creativity Just about everyone agrees that creativity is important and valued in today’s society Sternberg et al.

Of course, the same can be said in almost all fields. Some children, because of a combination of aptitude, personality, temperament, motivation, and passion for leadership and helping others, will develop into gifted leaders. In the face of this report, one can then question: Popular but elusive construct.

Institutions, therefore, historically presented themselves as the only specialized care alternative for students not eligible for public education. Over 25 years ago in the US, federal definitions of giftedness included leadership ability as one type of giftedness. There were principals who talked about the possibility of not receiving [the resource room], but then I said that I did not have that possibility of not receiving it.

The importance of innovation to Brazilian society was recognized by federal law Brasil, According to Pfeiffer ccreativity is located near the apex of the talent development model, consistent with a domain-specific theory of creativity, research in the field of expertise, and considerable experience of the authors working closely with high ability children and youth in the US and Brazil.

School Psychology Quarterly, 24 3 In these five years, three management teams were in charge of the Public Policy for Inclusion called NPPItherefore, to understand the temporal organization of this sector, the research subjects were identified as follows: How can the release of funds for application in external consultancies of such high figures and the lack of resources for emergency situations be explained?


To Mazzarino, Falkenbach and Rissiaccessibility for students with disabilities in schools is always a fragile point.

Each stage is marked by transformations Pfeiffer, c. Leadership should not be viewed as domination; at its best leadership requires others to willingly adopt rm goals or mission of the group as their own. Then one moment it was said that she [the director of Basic Education] wanted it to be a public policy, that did not break with the political rupture, then the Nucleus of Public Policies to Inclusion or for Inclusion appeared.

The traditional view of giftedness has long posited the pre-eminence of general intellectual ability, and is perhaps best represented by the work of Gottfredson ; The case for domain specificity in creativity. devreto

Youth leadership: a proposal for identifying and developing creativity and giftedness

From being to edcreto. Recuperado em 03 de Agosto de de http: Estilos de pensar e criar e desempenho escolar. The role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of expert dde. It is important to note that, beyond this conceptual issue, there is also a worrying question as to the origin of the funds that would finance this other part supported by the NPPI. To what extent this type of service has supported the education of children and young with educational special needs?

A broader perspective of leadership was offered by Vroom and Jagoemphasizing the role played by the situation or environment in leadership expression. This research identified the need for articulation between the different sectors of the SMEE and NPPI in order to subsidize actions that meet the new demands that arise concurrently with the expansion of the policy.

The information raised by Manager 2a can be verified by viewing a list with the items that were not delivered to the schools by the Ministry of Education for the composition of the MRR.