DEMOLAY() [email protected] · Centennial Courtyard Click HERE to view the Leaders Resource Guide. © DeMolay International. Leader’s Resource Guide. Demolay International Kansas City, Missouri). ( DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide Fifteenth Edition October Printed inUSA o. Demolay Leader’s Resource Guide. 12 likes. Book.

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DeMolay provides a fraternal environment where young men can grow, mature and develop through activity centered around the seven cardinal virtues. The system provides a readily-available reference on any member. The Treasurer is elected at the last election of the DeMolayyear, and shall serve for the ensuing DeMolayyear. It is a time to share the laeder with others by holding special degree classes in honor of ourselves.

Conclaves or Conventions Jurisdictional conclaves or conventions are considered by many DeMolays to be the highlight of the DeMolay year. Have an athletic eventwith.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

Here are some peader activities your Chapter may become involved in: See that plenty of seats are available and instruct Chapter members to vacate their seats ifthere is not enough seating for guests. There are many benefits to requiring the Scribe to keep accurate financial records and make timely reports: Invite non-demolays to all open ceremonies.

Make presentations of “Hi, Dad! Ifboth the Initiatory and Demolqy Degrees are oot conferred at the same time, or within 10 days of xemolay another, then the Initiatory Degree must be reported immediately on a Form 10, accompanied by the membership fee. Plan refreshments and reception. Remember, the calendars are valuable in visualizing your program and should not be eliminated, since they will help you in the longrun. If a participating DeMolay lesder preparing for the ministry, try to arrange for him to provide the sermon or a short address on “The Principles and Teachings of DeMolay.


Contact your state or jurisdiction Master Councilor or your Executive Officer to see what plans they have at that level. Set up a refreshment stand at a rest stop on a major highway during a holiday weekend.

Insures that every member participates in some sport. It includes food, lodging, and usually a resource notebook and T-shirt.

It provides for the transaction of a maximum amount of business in a minimum amount of time. Since the importance of the office is so great, the Advisory Council should take care to select a hard worker for this job. Mothers’ and Parents’ Club Certificates of Appreciation. The Youth Protection Program consists of a comprehensive screening and training program for adult volunteers, plus a booklet entitled “What You Should Know”and a video. Insmall high schools, all teachers may be included.

Thus, the official support of DeMolay by Freemasonry, which began inculminated in February of when a Declaration of Principles was signed by the leaders of Freemasonry. Obtains special speakers on career guidance.

StepS With all the activities listed on the calendar, evaluate the program. Local Alumni Associations assist Chapters and reinforce the concept that membership in DeMolay is a lifetime opportunity. Works closelywith fund-raising projects. Our goal for every member is to get himinvolved, and to be responsible for some activity or function. Volunteer help to the RedCross or civic authorities in time of disaster fire, flood, storm, tornado, civil defense, searches.

Give special thanks or acknowledgement to the Executive Officeror his representative for the district. Dad Land’s speech was an important catalyst. Clean up Temple grounc4j. In addition, the ISC is the authority on all matters relating to Chapters, advisory councils, members, charters, finances, rituals, disputes, appeals and complaints. From the I time you joined through age 20, you are considered an Active DeMolay. The members discussed it and passed the action unanimously.


By donating to the Foundation Senior DeMolays, friends of DeMolay and others concerned with the future of the Order of DeMolay can ensure that future generations will enjoy the positive benefits of DeMolay. It wiu extend to your committee and Ritual work.

Within a year’s time, Mother Chapter had grown to 2, members. This is a critical time in your life These appointed officers are: DeMolay supports the home, the public demopay and the free practice of religion.

By having a diversified program, members will guid in this important aspect of their lives. A time to think about destiny Just as he helps members to set and achieve goals, the Master Councilor should set goals of his own.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide – PDF

Include a photo rfsource him in your Chapter’s newsletter. DeMolay is a youth-centered world. RD forms must be obtained from your Executive Officeror his representative. Be careful not to schedule too many activities.