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Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Use this for boss fights or some of the bigger enemies found later in the game. Exit back out to the corridor and open the door to sllent east staircase. Be forewarned that you may have to finish the enemy in order to defeat him – just walk over to his body and press the X button just like with a Nurse. Far too late for that. Catch ya later, buddy. Take the Spear from the bed frame and the Health Drink in the toilet of the bathroom then exit.

The door at that end is locked from the other side, so open the door to the north.

On the wall, right beside the entrance. Another Ariel will attack at the other end of the hall. The enemies know where Travis is headed so you will run into a few Straight- jackets and Ariels on the way back to the Curtain Control room. Travis will carry the girl in his arms once control is degonado back to you, so maneuver through the fire the same way that you came from.

Look along the northeast wall to find an opening in the wall that leads to the Maintenance Corridor. On the desk in the northeast corner of the East Solarium Iron Lung Warning Area: Late on a gig, bud. What have you done? As usual, pull up the inventory menu whenever you need to reload.


Finally, she will hilp God! Some enemies such as the Remnant silebt Caliban cannot be hit with a finishing blow. Some monster cut out the eyes from the skinned body and cut her open – who could’ve done that!?

Interact with the mirror in the northeast portion of the room to go to Otherworld. In the office on the left side of the building Shop Note Area: Go back down the hall and enter the Costume Storage.

Leave this area by moving all the way down the corridor and entering the Maintenance Room OW at the end. I can’t stop thinking about you, Travis. The next objective is to reach the Butcher Shop, which is on the south side of Low St. A cutscene will play that will lead into the final battle. Get to yill General Store on the south side of Crichton St. You’ll notice that the streets are now crawling with enemies – Straight-jackets.

The Doctor’s Office is locked for the moment. A robed figure with a hood suddenly dashes across the road in front of him and Travis quickly turns to the side to miss the mysterious person.

Count the number of shots while shooting and be sure to reload from the inventory menu often. I just love the theater, Travis.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

What will I do?! The first voice is a slight whisper and the second voice is louder but still a whisper.


All of his attacks are close range, so it is easy to defeat this boss by simply circling the middle counter in the room while only stopping to shoot him while he is at a distance.

Open the exit door to exit out to the east side of Silent Hill. Just rush to the door with the star emblem on the door at the end and solve the puzzle immediately, so you won’t have to waist a bunch of health while fighting them. There’s not really too much I can say except follow the map.

Instead of merely telling you the solution to a particular puzzle I provide hints instead of outright spoiling it, so I will try to point you in the right direction before I give you the lowdown. Both doors are locked, so just exit the area once you’ve collected the items. The only time where you will want to save rifle ammo is while moving through the detonafo where Travis first finds this weapon. Exit the Lighting Box and open the door at the other end of the Balcony Corridor. The Flauros drops to the ground and starts to float.

Exit the corridor afterward and enter the East Basement Storage Room. Leave the room after collecting the oritins and go back to the Area Outside the Reception.