DAA1-VLA Aircraft Flight Manual. 8. 18/01/ Download. DA TR AFM Temporary Revision – Maximum CHT with SB installed. 09/11/ AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL (english) – BASIC MANUAL. Doc. No. Description. Rev. Date. Downl. E. Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). 9. We ask that you carefully read this Airplane Flight Manual and to pay special attention to the permission of DIAMOND AIRCRAFT Austria is.

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Climb performance during balked landing: The limitations presented are pertinent to the operation of the G System as installed in the DAC1 airplane. Push down with one hand on the aft section of the fuselage near the vertical stabilizer, to lift the nose wheel. Sequence requires 9 seconds.

Diamond DA20-C1 Manual

Several readings should be taken to confirm accuracy. Internal Lighting Description 7. Next to the fuel filler cap. On the inside of the oil filler door. Included in this module are two panel diamod lights and one map light. NOTE To achieve a fast descent Climb up to pattern altitude.

For this reason you should take the time to familiarize yourself with your new airplane. Maximum Flight Duration Table for calculation of the maximum flight duration depending on fue l availability. Operations are prohibited north of 72 degrees North and south of 70 degrees South latitudes and in the following four regions Moment of Pilot and Passenger: To achieve the best flight characteristics for the DAC1, a clean external surface is most important.


DAC1 related manuals and publications. Powerplant The DAC1 may be equipped with an optional altitude compensating fuel pump.

Aircraft Flight Manual | Diamond Aircraft

Rev bars inserted adjacent to the thru changed pages. The pages superseded by the revision must be removed and destroyed. Normal Operation Checklist In addition to those items contained in Section 4, Normal Operating Procedures, Preflight Inspection, check the following items if this supplement is applicable to the aircraft you are operating: Circuit breaker check, press if breaker is tripped Rocker switch depress in both directions, wait 5 minutes, try again NOTE Full range of travel is available for elevator, but expect higher forces on control stick.

The outlet baffles are attached to the lower cowling with screws.

Around the stall warning hole in the left wing. The followin g diagrams, Figure 6.

Cruise The mixture pon allows leaning of the fuel mixture to maximize fuel economy during cruise conditions. Wind Components Maximum demonstrated crosswind component: Fuel Capacity Total Fuel Quantity: The seats have removable cushions. The lamps are aimed specifically to increase the aircraft’s visibility on final approach and head on. Fuel pressure is measured at the fuel distribution manifold and displayed on the fuel pressure indicator, which is calibrated in PSI.


December 19, REV On the center console on the heating and parking brake controls. For protection against water and humidity, water sumps are installed within the line. Copies of the manual can be obtained through.

On the back-rest on the right side. On the instrument panel above the GPS. An Equipment Record of items installed in your specific airplane is included in the back of this manual. The propeller will continue to windmill as long as the airspeed is at least 60 KIAS.

Registration Date of Issue: The new or amended text will be indicated by a bold black vertical line in the left hand margin of a revised page. The affected pages of any revision must be inserted into the manual as well as the Record of Revisions upon receipt. The generator feeds the main bus via the generator circuit breaker 50 Amps. It is the pilot’s pou to adhere to the weight and balance limitations and to take into consideration the change of the center of gravity CG position due to fuel consumption.

Leading edge of wing at root rib.