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Jennie rated it really liked it Jan 09, There was something enormously yellow about the whole scene–there was this sunlight, for instance, that was yellow, and the hammock was of the particularly hideous yellow peculiar to hammocks, and the girl’s yellow hair was spread out upon the hammock in a sort of invidious comparison.

You better go or they won’t invite you to any of their dances. Down to the ocean, to roll in the dive and forget–forget him and their discomfort at his humiliation. The young men were roaring at Hugo apparently unrelated phrases, expressing a wide gamut of emotion. The Riddle and the Ring. His class, gathering for the afternoon, was loudly anticipating the next day’s revel with no more thought of him than if he had been the family butler.

Dice, Brassknuckles & Guitar by F. Scott Fitzgerald – FictionDB

Snorkey’s Private Gymnasium for Gentlemen. Van Vleck is caught drinking by Jim and Jim gets angry and kickd him out. Jim Powell woke next morning to find his room cool, and the phenomenon of frosted breath in September absorbed him for a moment to the exclusion of the day before.

He looked for a moment at her yellow hair and her blue eyes misty with sleep and tears. She seized his arm and though he drew back in a sort of stupefied horror at her boldness she urged him persistently toward the great front door.

He was making money. Every little while Hugo would answer them with words of approbation, correction or disapproval. But they were all going, haughtily, regretfully or with shame-faced mutters of apology.


After dinner they took a taxi and followed the sandy roads for an hour, glimpsing the now starry ocean through the casual trees. Be the first to ask a question about Dice, Brassknuckles and Guitar. A girl with yellow hair and a warm color to her face was lying in the hammock looking as though she could fall asleep any moment.

Taya rated it really liked it Apr 15, The day to which we will skip was the July day on which Mr. Jim saw less of her than he would have liked. But the trouser bottoms were distinguished only by their shape, which was that of a bell. I come from mighty good people,” he went on.

For two months Hugo had lived on a pinnacle of which he had never dreamed. He held out his arm to her but instead of taking it she stepped suddenly out of the bushes and into a bright patch of light. A Short Trip Home. Brasssknuckles Katharine Green Mrs. The Fitzgerald Page The F. He caught Amanthis’s guita, fancied he saw a faint nod of encouragement and, with almost an effort, went on:. Powell of southern Georgia with his own car and his own body-servant and his own ambitions and his own private cloud of dust continued on north for the summer.

Vargas rated it liked it Sep 14, Jim and Hugo moved among the groups as usual until a certain measure of routine activity was restored but the enthusiasm was unrecapturable and Jim, shaken and discouraged, considered brawsknuckles school for the day.

Several times Jim arrived at her boarding-house to find her out of brassknucklfs, as if she had just come in at a run, presumably from some festivity in which he had no share. They moved closer till they could see first pompadours, then slicked male heads, and high coiffures and finally even bobbed hair pressed under black ties.

And if any barbers come to see you with hair on their sleeves you tell ’em you’re too sleepy to see ’em.

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He had enjoyed his work simply and passionately, arriving before school hours and lingering long after Mr. How to write a brassknucklees review. Amanthis goes to the boarding house with Jim and fits into the academy and starts dkce train to become a society girl Climax: His was the position of a golf professional who, though he may fraternize, and even command, on the links, loses his privileges with the sun-down. She didn’t want to lose him.


The hall he hired had once been “Mr. When the sandwiches arrived Mr. Snorkey had given up and gone away and died. Steven rated it liked it Sep 02, She got herself by brassknucklles means from the hammock and they went down toward the road, side by side. No person over twenty-one had ever entered the Academy before–but Van Vleck had gone direct to headquarters.

Whistling “Jeanne of Jelly-bean Town” to a not-dispirited rhythm Jim encased himself in his first dress-suit and walked downtown. Jim looked at her uncertainly. With his smoldering grievance directing itself toward Van Vleck, Jim was walking here and there among the groups when Hugo tapped him suddenly on the arm. You go back up there and lie down in that hammock, and sleep–sle-eep–“. Someone made a run or two on the sliding guitar and several of the girls began whamming at the leer on the punching bags, but Ronald Harlan, followed by two brassknuc,les boys, got their hats and went silently out the door.

I’m going to the police! For a moment she laughed uncontrollably.

Dice, Brassknuckles & Guitar – Francis Scott Fitzgerald | Feedbooks

I teach ’em how to make those dice perform. But here and there lie patches of garden country dotted with old-fashioned frame mansions, which have wide shady porches and a red swing on the lawn. Some girls with metal knuckles were furiously insulting two punching bags on each of which was painted the leering, winking face of a “masher.

Death Bogle at the Crossroads.