Digitech’s website has downloads for discontinued models but the Valve FX is not listed.:rolleyes: Anyone have a PDF file of this manual?. The DigiTech Valve FX is a rack mountable multi-effect processor and Does not include manual but the manual is available in PDF format on this page. I just bought this used Digitech Valve FX, which comes with a The Digitech Valve FX preamp – and its repair potential Valve FX Manual.

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Just adding some shots I took of the inside of my Valve FX, for an information resource. I got mine in ’98, someone had butchered the Control One input midi jack so they could use the Digitech standard 2 button footswitch to change programs up or down. When Modules are turned off, their Parameters dis- appear from the Parameter menu. Has just some wear on the lettering ‘Valve FX’ and a few very small scratches on the back top of the unit.

Controls the overall level of the phaser. Here’s a repair shop’s demo video of one of these units: Adjustable from 0 to mil- liseconds. Although some people have to hot glue some setups since the screw placements can vary slightly. The LED display now shows the Algorithm number as you scroll up or down. In no event shall DigiTech or its dealers be liable for special or consequential damages or from any delay in the perfor- mance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control.

Controls the length of time before the early reflections are heard. Log in or Sign up. Controls the amount of time before the ducker disengages after the signal has stopped.

The values you select on these two screens determine the behavior of the continuous controller. The procedure is as follows: Nov 27, 8. To restore all Programs to orig- inal factory condition, press Function key 2.


The DigiTech Valve FX is a rack mountable multi-effect processor and pre-amplifier that combines real tube distortion utilizing the 12AX7 vacuum tube with powerful digital signal processing. About NoiseFX NoiseFX manula born out of the necessity to provide a resource for musicians who require more noise in the mix.

Experimenting with the settings can produce your own unique and unusual effect patches! Sets the amount of time before the reverbera- tions are heard. Sample recording and playback can be triggered from the external Valve FX switching device, or via MIDI through continuous controller linkages. When the Output mode is set to mono, either output can be used. The price vallve on the high side, but it’s a very good condition unit, and, from what the seller has said, I think that it has the upgraded green screen, and vaalve what I think is the latest firmware v1.

Feb 14, 1. Both notes are constant in pitch, but subtle additions in richness and overtones can be heard. The warranty registration card must be mailed within ten days after purchase date to validate this warranty. The delay time is now set at. In diitech actual acoustic space, the amount of reverberation predelay depends largely on the shape and size of the room and the placement of both listener and sound source within the room.

Use both outputs when possible since Programs are set up to take advantage of stereo effects. To set up external devices: Janus AlfadorFeb 14, Equalizers Low Q settings affect a wider number of frequencies when the selected band is boosted or cut.

Jun 24, 5. Mwnual show me this message again. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Hard to say without diving into it, and spending some manuall with it. Description BigVerb Studio-quality reverb. Determines the point at which the sample will begin playing after it has been recorded. Using this Program valvee an example for Program modification, the procedure for changing the delay time is as follows: Jun 23, 3.



Despite being inexpensive on the used market and no longer really supported by Digitech though, I believe they have some v1. You can always give a try NoiseFX was born out of the necessity to provide a resource for musicians who require more noise in the mix.

I tweaked some of the Distortion stages over the years to make it smoother, less harsh.

Sets the amount of attenuation noise floor reduction when the gate is manhal. If you change Programs at this point, either through MIDI or via the front panel, any modifications that you have made to the Program will be lost. Does not include manual but the manual is available vvalve PDF format on this page.

It contains 14 Parameters, giving exceptional soundfield and tonal shaping control over reverberation. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

Got it, continue to print. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Lithium Battery Warning 1.

Digitech valvefx User Manual – Page 1 of 82 |

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