Posts about disproving christianity written by davidgmcafee. 57 quotes from David G. McAfee: ‘If there is a Creator-God, it has used methods of creation that are indistinguishable from nature, it has declined to make itself. He has authored numerous secular books including “Disproving Christianity”, ” Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist: The Guide to Coming out as a.

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Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings (2nd edition, revised)

McAfee, No Sacred Cows: My good friend, and atheist, Nicholas Bruzzese has also been quite vocal in his criticisms of the book. This is a man truly out of his depth. In Misquoting Jesus, Ehrman tells the story behind the mistakes and changes that ancient scribes made to the New Testament and shows the great impact they had upon the Bible we use today. Sam Harris Mccafee by: For those of you who may be reading this and thinking that I am simply hounding him, rest assured that this is an agreed upon project by David and myself.

Excellent I just love to hear the bible proven false and folklore – can’t hear it enuf! McAfee, an author who studies religions, teamed up with writer and illustrator Chuck Harrison to create The Belief Book.

David G. McAfee

Christian Evangelism is a common practice in the United States and throughout the world. Return to Book Page. He could have mentioned the engineering problems facing building a wooden ark with ancient ship-building technology, but he clearly got the point across. mcafes

Refuting the World’s Most Followed Religion. Or is it a jumble of fanciful myths? McAfee shows time and again, inconsistencies and chridtianity as well as many contradictions that are attributed to the Christian God; a character who is supposedly all knowing and essentially perfect — and infallible.

But they all failed.


Mything in Action, Vol. This is the book that pastors, educators, and anyone interested in the Bible have been waiting for, a clear and compelling account of the central challenges we face when attempting to reconstruct the life and message of Jesus.

Excellent intro to the secular point of view. It will also teach you about something called the scientific method, which is how we learn new things about the world!

Don’t like your audiobook? The mcafeee has begun to think that he actually is King Lear. Atheist Universe details why God is unnecessary to explain the universe’s diversity, organization, and beauty. AP David, why are you doing what you are doing?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. AP David, you are in essence, preaching atheism! Using almost exclusively evidence and passages from the Christian Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, McAfee is able to establish new arguments against the validity of the Christian religion as well as reorganize and reevaluate some of the more traditional debates.

When a parent forces a child into a religion, the parent is effectively handicapping his or her own offspring by limiting the abilities of the child to question the world around him or her and make informed decisions. Why such a passion in something which doesn’t exist? The result is a world broken in large part by unquestioned faith.

No matter how old or how young you are, this easy-to-listen-to book can help you learn more about religions, gods, and beliefs in general. Peter Boghossian Narrated by: David Fitzgerald Narrated by: In America, not only do Christians make up the vast majority of our citizenship, but rates for elected officials are even higher. I find the content extremely interesting but I just can’t enjoy listening to this book because the narrator seems to be racing through the material.

In anticipation of a book that we are working on together that will be a dialogue on various issues regarding both Atheistic Naturalism and Christian Theism, we agreed that it would be beneficial to release an updated version of his second edition bundled with my book length review.


When a religious parent teaches only his or her religious tradition, though, the child will usually grow up believing it.

This Month’s Author of the month.

David G. McAfee – Wikipedia

Not only do I believe that it is possible to maintain moral standards without the crutch of religion but I would argue that it is the only way to achieve true goodness. I told my parents as early as I knew I could articulate my lack of belief.

I did the best thing you can do: Some introduction to a variety of religions early in life can help put into context the beliefs of these groups. Why not just live your life and let those who pray to god live theirs? Posted on April 8, 2 comments. Admittedly, this move may not be very practical.

disproving christianity | The Skeptical Writings of David G. McAfee

As we will see in this review, the kind of extremely simplistic and all too frequently shallow interaction with the weakest brand of Christianity one can muster is precisely the kind of arguments that Nicholas dedicates so much of his time to removing from the his fellow skeptics. The new book expands greatly on disprving original and contains additional content not present in its first release.

McAfee, author of No Sacred Cows: Tagged atheismAtheistbible contradictionsbiblical critiquecoming out atheistdaddavid g. It chrixtianity warmly well received by the great majority of those who sent in their personal reviews to Amazon… Approval was less overwhelming in the printed reviews however.