System type, 2-way. Enclosure type, Bass-reflex. Frequency response ± 3dB, 60 – Hz. Nominal impedance, 8 Ohm. Amplifier Requirements, 25 – W. Find great deals for Pair B&W Bowers & Wilkins Dm S3 Bookshelf Speakers. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Pair of B&W Dm S3 Bookshelf Speakers. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Dec 16, at 9: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The room is kind of small. However, playing my source, ie iPod through line out onto my fathers system yields much higher quality.

B&W DM S3 Bookshelf Speakers user reviews : out of 5 – 50 reviews –

Although the tweeter has third-order filter, its slope was lowered by adding the 1. This is not a very well known speaker in the States, from what I can tell. Aug 21, at 7: The descants are tempered and musical.

Im thinking the Aelite 2 speakers are a bit too big. I probably will at some point but no rush.

B&W Bowers Wilkins DM S3 Crossover Upgrade for Better Midrange Perfoprmance

Please don’t be offended, but TDL speakers in general tend to be big, loud, with tons of bass, and cheap. So, really, do your best to hear them all, and pick the one that pleases you most. IMHO, the big weakness of the s is the lack of transparency and ‘air’, unfortunate in this case! In the end I didn’t buy them because for ddm601 I have quite acceptable floorstanding speakers and can’t yet justify spending the money, but the definitely would be an improvement over my floorstanders.


Dec 16, at 1: I ran a set in a medium sized bedroom during my student days However, comparing this to my fathers system, its not so good. They aren’t even sold online, are they? I spent a little time with them and was very impressed. Even DIY solutions could be cool.

No one could ever doubt the quality of Monitor Audio, they consistently receive top ratings across their full line s33 speakers. OK, ignore me even further!! Thanks for that comment, at least reassures me there will be some bass. The crossover upgrade, described below, can be performed even without any driver disconnection. Im sitting at my computer listenting to them which is about 1. Dn601 are made in Denmark. The measurements can be found here: How do the Monitor Audio BR2s compare in the transparency dept?

B&W DM601 S3 Bookshelf Speakers

Here is the schematics of the upgraded crossover. Post 5 of What do you think of those speakers? Aug 19, at 1: So if I dont like them, I suppose I could resell on but really dont want to go down that route. I just got my pair of dm s3 replacing my psb image 2b an hour ago. Dont forget to budget for some stands aswell to get the best out of them. Do you already have an account? Aug 19, Messages: The difference in amps is tiny and subtle.


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Aug 20, at 7: It results a peak in the Hz area, which is not too offensive and needs no special treatment. Further I think they are extremely competitively priced. Or must I use stands. As someone commented before, my current TDL speakers are “bassey”. My friend has the 9.

Post 3 of I have not picked up a sub yet. Originally Posted by Unclewai yeap, dm6601 I am interested in the DM s3 so I don’t have to put a subwoofer into my system.

Hello My current system is: My friend has the Wharfedale Diamond 9.

The sound is just clearer and more defined. McCraqueAug 19, A friend asked me for an advice about bookshelf loudspeaker system at affordable price, with a natural tonality and good overall sound balance. Will post back when I get them, probably late next week.