DQT Handbook – Arabic – RTA . Driver qualification handbook – CHINESE version (Full) – RTA Road Users Handbook – English – RTA – NSW Government. DQT Handbook – Vietnamese – RTA. READ . Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy Vietnam Handbook (Footprint Travel Guide) (Footprint Handbook). View More. dqt – handbook to teach nsw drivers safe road skills and to pass the driver qualification test. Road Users’ Handbook • Hazard perception handbook.

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Unknown 26 June at There will always be 3 extremely stupid answers; you’d think they employed monkeys to create Part 1.

But just want it to let u know that the questions they were totally different from what is shown on this page. Hey i took the test today and failed because of handvook same thing amd also when there are two lanes and your behind the truck and you need to obviously slow down so i didnt know if i should keep tapping or only tap once. Glad I could help. Rebecca 20 July at G 8 April at Accelerate and pull in front of the blue truck on the left B.

Some stupid answer -use your mobile to call the truck driver and tell him to slow handbooo.

DKT Test – Driver Knowledge Exam Questions Online Practice

Got full marks for the first one. Hi guys, I did the DQT test today and passed. Sorry silly sense of humour.


Don’t spam the screen insanely where there are no hazards but definitely hit the screen for literally anything moving in my humble opinion. I clicked twice for this one, once right after the clip started my car was following TOO CLOSE to the car in front and second click when I was approaching a pedestrian crossing the car in front hit the brakes, so as soon as that happened, I tapped the screen.

G 3 April at Most fatigue related crashes occur – on country roads. The lady said I did pretty well but she said I might have to practice my gaps or something but other than that it was a solid pass.

G 30 August at This section is way too easy! Ksin 15 May at Which may affect ability: You have the skills, just be yourself and remember the above tips and you will be fine: Violeta Aneska 18 May at Video starts and you’re on a suburban road with not lights and straight away, you can see a humongous gap.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT Test) Questions Online for FREE

Just passed the test, used this article solely and it worked brilliantly, kudos to the author! Most simple and helpful post! Thanks heaps to the author of this blog and the people who commented here.


Really nice and keep update to explore more gaming tips and ideas. Road Warrior 17 May at Andy Nguyen 25 March at What is involved in a scanning?

So basically make sure you have read the actual book and understand concepts like how to stop tailgaters which came up as a question for me in the form of a truck in the rearview mirror where the question asks you what you should do, my response was to accelerate slowly and even though that answer felt wrong it was the best option but I cannot vouch handboom it as I didn’t get a chance to review my mistakes.

Just make sure you hanebook when you get a nice big gap. What are the fatigue crash risk hours?

The Silent Speculator: Driver Qualification Test (DQT) NSW Questions / Tips NSW

What is a good scanning procedure? Handbokk 17 January at Edward Luu 30 September at Just a quick question! Be cautious of people ahead of you slowing down, and slow down when you see them brake, or indicate. Hey, You should have definitely got at least a single question from this list. Thanks a lot for putting this together.