One of my favorite rhetorical theorists, Kenneth Burke has done wonders for communication. As I said earlier, one of Burke’s most noted theories is dramatism. Dramatism is a metaphor introduced by 20th-century rhetorician Kenneth Burke to describe his critical method. Dramatism. 1. Dramatism; 2. Introduced by rhetorician Kenneth Burke, made its way into the field of communication in the early ‘s.

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Home Top Quick Links Settings. Essays on life, literature and method. Then casuistic stretching allows the kennth to be accepted into the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dramatists also concern the ways in which people both facilitate and interfere with the ongoing behavior of others.

Burke asserts that all things have substance, which he defines as the general nature of something. Quarterly Journal of Speech. Burke has done amazing things to shape what we know about communication theory. The way of turning the guilt into ourselves is called mortification. Of note, the reasoning for Burke to emphasize his theory as literal relates to the reasons to why others claim it to be metaphorical: And the big paperback book.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

Dramaturgical perspective is vividly used to analyze human individuality. Retrieved 13 March from the World Wide Web: Countries and organizations can also act as agents. Drajatism major concern of Burke’s was motives. Homophily is the perceived similarity between speaker and listener. Humans are symbol-using animals, inventors of the negative, separated from natural conditions by hurke of their own making, goaded by a spirit of hierarchy, and rotten with perfection.


Dell Hymes, Kenneth Burke’s “identification,” and the Birth of sociolinguistics. A First Look at Communication Theory. Motions are behaviors that are non-purposeful and non-meaningful. Gregory Clark addressed the pentad to look into the sharing places in the United States.

Kenneth Burke, Dramatism, the Pentad, and Identification: an Overview

Communication Quarterly, 33 2 To understand people’s movement and intentions, the theorist sets up the Five Dramatistic Pentad strategy for viewing life, not as life itself, [5] by comparing each social unit involved in human activities as five elements of drama — act, scene, agent, agency, and purpose, [6] to answer the empirical question of how persons explain their actions, [2] and to find the ultimate motivations of human activities. From Kennedy’s statement, Ling recognized several elements from the pentad: One of my favorite rhetorical theorists, Kenneth Burke has done wonders for communication.

It is acknowledged that the political process has become more and more a theatrical, image-mongering, dramatic spectacle worthy of a show-business metaphor on a grand scale. The theory, too, is desirable.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

U of South Carolina P. Sometimes the speaker tries to falsely identify with the audience, which results in homophily for the audience.

PENTAD is an analytic mode that helps us to determine why motives a speaker used certain rhetorical strategies. Burke’s Perspective on Perspectives: The agency is what the person used to perform the act and finally the purpose is why the act took place.

The act is publishing the nude photos on to the internet. A leaking private conversation provoked his racist and disparaging statement on African Americans. He pivoted the fact and described it as a circumstance that he couldn’t control. Dwight Macdonald and Ernest Van Den Haag views that popular or “mass”- culture functions not as Scene, as one might ordinarily expect, but as Agency.


The words scene, act, etc. Philosophy of literary form 3 rd ed. Studies in Philosophy and Education. A Grammar of Motives. Gender differences in beliefs about female and male rape. Scene The scene is a ‘container’, the place where the action of the act occurs. dramatixm

kehneth The act is an important part of the meaning, thought it is not the whole meaning, even though it may sometimes be thought to be so. Sometimes it is obvious and in the open, at other times the agent’s purpose may be covert and hidden.

Thus his communication theory is known as dramatism. Rhetorical identification in government response. Kebneth, such as hatred, envy and love can also act as agents as ‘they’ are the moving force that acts. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 41 2 For example, the use of the people rather than the worker would more clearly tap into the lower middle-class values of the audience the movement was trying to reach.

The ongoing cycle starts with order.