The DTVPal DVR is a dual-tuner digital-to-analog converter box and DVR. While the DTVPal DVR Dish Network does offer support for this product, including. Recent DISH Network DTVPal DVR by questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Televison. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for DTVpal DVR If you read the user’s manual, it tells you that the only way to reset it is to unplug it for

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Dish’s DTVPal DVR for Over-The-Air HD TV

The only supported skip function is 30sec skip. The longer these products remain in use, without the need for a replacement, the more money the provider makes. If you have trouble locating the IR sensor, shine a flash light on the front of the box and look for the round circle.

Dish Network only ships a replacement box, they do not ship you a replacement remote or cables. If it’s a Coax Cable, you will want to make sure the TV is on channel 3 or 4.

Dish’s DTVPal DVR for Over-The-Air HD TV | Tech DC

Why doesn’t the internal drive spin down? Confirm that you entered your zip code or the zip code for your local CBS affiliate in setup. There is no option to reduce quality to save space. Repeat the same thing — except press and hold the SAT button — to set the appropriate address for your Dish Network receiver. The DTVPal does not support any form of external storage.

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The Official AVS Dish DTVPal DVR Topic! – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Typically, only hours of program information is available through PSIP. Both will replace defective units with a refurbished unit if you are within that warranty period.

This may tdvpal a signal reception problem you can try checking cabling and connections coming from your antennae. The F software is a “must have” upgrade for anyone with the F and F firmware. Note these settings do not affect how content is saved to disk, only how it is output to display. You can perform a “soft reset” by holding down the remote ‘Power ON’ button until the reset starts. See Recording My Programs on page 14 for more details.

That’s not to say that “spinning down” a drive is always bad; it can potentially extend drive life if used in moderation. Originally Posted by iwnt1 Guide info doesn’t go but a day out yet.

When this happens, the DTVPal DVR’s program guide will display the more limited information available from broadcasters typically hours worth.

The latest firmware version is F, released July 9. Automatic rescheduling for conflicting programs is another difference between name-based and time-based DVRs. David Stern is offline.

For further DTVpal help go to the excising thread. If you’re not getting an error message what type of cable are you using? You might be able to record 40 hours of content from one HD channel but only 30 hours from another HD channel.


Newcomers will find the GUI intuitive and easy to use. Occasional reboots may cause split recordings with an unrecorded gap in the middle Frequent reboots were eliminated with the F software, but some users still experience occasional reboots i.

If you hit record on a future show listed in the guide, a single, non-repeating record timer is created for that program.

EchoStar DTVPal User Manual

How much capacity do I get with a 1TB internal drive upgrade? If you have any other questions, let me know!

Guess I’m not first but it is here. How does one schedule a recording through the guide? Thanks for using Fix Ya. To summarize, name-based DVRs simplify recording so the user only has to deal with manuao names, without regard for dates, times, or channels. When it first happened, I formatted the hard drive and let the machine reboot itself.

Some off-air stations, as well as sub-channels for traffic and weather, use i and p. I did buy a magnavox mdrh.