Now that they’ve published Dusty as a commercial venture, I’ll bet you’ll never see another futuretake on ffn. Probably the only way you’ll see it. Before Dusty was Innocents and Delinquents, Thomas and Leighlee Future take, we know there’s more to our Dusty monster and Bliss Baby. “Dusty makes you never want to read angsty stories again. least thing; For those who were brave enough to finish Dusty; there is a futuretake!.

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Just In All Stories: She was so peaceful, and I really didn’t want to wake her. This love breathes forever, little girl.

Anyone know how to get the Futuretake or can someone send it to me? I tried to play it cool, but my head wouldn’t slow down. I scream into my knees and clench my empty fists.

The End: A Dusty Futuretake (Dusty, #1.25)

I’m sorry to say that this story is incomplete and needs a LOT of character development, but oh well. She was really abusive and not good for him. Just being near her was exciting and ingraining, and dangerous, because I could feel the irreplaceability.


Feb 01, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

See all 9 questions about The End…. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I didn’t know for what, but the second my door was closed, I started falling. I know for a fact the future take is floating around and is passed around. The drug addict and the enabler are together and are now adults but some things never change. But no conclusion at all?? However, life doesn’t come complete in a beautiful wrapped gift w a big bow.

Heartbreaking Dusty | According to Ellen

Who Am I Even? This futuretake ends with too many questions. I know we’ve read that Future take, we know there’s more to our Dusty monster and Bliss Baby. The author would like to futhretake you for your continued support.

She was thirteen, I was fifteen, and I knew it’s crazy, but I was in love with that girl.

Heartbreaking Dusty

I even wrote a second part. Today, I finally finished this story. I remember wanting to brush my thumb along it, maybe to touch her, maybe just to connect to the existence that my own felt so caught in.


Mary Elizabeth August 5, at 5: I truly hope this is not the end to these characters?!? He loves her crazy. So, I started asking people their opinion on the story so I had an idea about what I could expect. It’s making me mad. I just finished this, and I feel so sad, and angry at myself, wah lol. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

White Blank Page To find out more, dhsty how to control cookies, see here: Not only are Bella and Edward two really well-thought-out characters, there are also a lot of other amazing new characters that make the whole story to what it is. The pressure of the sound filled my chest. All of my bones hurt.