DWLAP User’s Manual. D-Link Systems, Inc. Introduction. At up to fifteen times the speed of previous wireless devices (maximum wireless signal rate of up . D-link D DWLAP DWLAP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download D-link D DWLAP DWLAP User Manual, Manual, Product Manual. View and Download D-Link DWLAP user manual online. AirPremier a/g Managed Dualband. DWLAP Wireless Access Point pdf manual.

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Using a power supply with a different voltage than the one included with the DWLAP will cause mnuel and void the warranty for this manhel. If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller.

DWLAP is versatile enough to allow connection to almost any The DWLAP is ddwl-8200ap of operating in one of 3 different modes to meet your wireless networking needs. Management and security implementation can now be centralized on a server participating on the network.

D-Link wireless products will allow you to access the data you want, when and where you want it. You will be able to enjoy the freedom that wireless networking dwo-8200ap. Position your devices so that the number of walls or ceilings is minimized.

If you have changed the password, make sure to enter the correct password. Select either IEEE Select Enable or Disable.

Enable this feature to auto-select the channel for best wireless performance. Select Open System to communicate the key across the network. First through Fourth keys: Group Key Update Interval: Authentication D-Link Systems, Inc.

Enabling this feature broadcasts the SSID across the network. This is considered your internal network.

D-Link DWL-8200AP User Manual

These settings may be referred to as private settings. The frequency is 2. By default the channel for IEEE Dwwl-8200ap data throughput will vary. Super Mode with Static Turbo is only available for Enabling this feature allows wireless clients to communicate with each other.

Only when both 11a and 11g band are in Access Point mode, you will be able to see this feature. Assign each access point a different non-overlapping channel e.


IP addresses automatically without the need to manually assign new IP addresses. Server translates domain names such as www. An example of a domain name is: IP addresses automatically without the need to manually assign IP addresses. The IP addresses assigned in the Static Pool Select the wireless band IEEE If the Master sets security to key 1, then key 1 can not be used.

Select the type of network bands 11a, 11b, and 11g that you would Enter a user name. The default setting is admin. To change your password, enter the old password here. Enter your new password here. Apply Settings and Restart: Restore to Factory Default Settings: Load Settings to the Local Hard Drive: The dialog box above will appear as the device restarts.

Please wait for a few seconds. SNMP is disabled by default. Select this option to obtain information on wireless clients. The embedded memory can hold up to logs. Click on any item in the Help screen for more information. To launch the AP Manager: To select a single device, simply click on the device you want to select. To select multiple devices, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on each additional device.


This allows you to change the device name for the selected access point. There is a pull-down menu to select enabled or disabled. When enabled, the selected device s will function as a DHCP client s. Check to enable wireless mode. Allows you to select a channel. The key is communicated across the network. Limited to communication with devices that share the same WEP settings.

The key is communicated and identical WEP settings are required. Select WPA-Personal to secure your network using a password and dynamic key changes. Select the interval during which the group key will be valid. Enabling this allows wireless clients to communicate with each other. When this option is disabled, wireless stations are not allowed to exchange data through the access point.


There are 3 AP modes: Creates a Wireless LAN. Wireless Distribution System with Access Points. APs in a network are wirelessly wired together and mnauel via a Distribution System. It bridges two or more wired networks together over wireless. Enable or disable the DHCP server function. Click to enable Dynamic Pool Settings. IP address of a network computer with a dynamically assigned IP address, if applicable. The period of time that the client will retain the assigned Dwp-8200ap address.


Displays the MAC address of the client.

Displays the wireless band. Displays the type of authentication that is enabled. Indicates the strength of the signal Displays the status of the power saving feature. Select the type of network bands 11a, 11b, and 11g that you would like the AP detection to search on.

By default this option is disabled. If you choose to enable it, you must enter the refresh interval in seconds. All other settings on this screen should be left at the default setting.

Select No Security, if you do not require a method of encryption. A Key Size and First Key value are required. Select WPA-Personal, as your method of encryption. Devices with an X are no longer available on the network. About D-Link Systems, Inc. Click on this button to refresh the list of devices available on the network. Please refer to websites such as http: In the following window, select the best description of your computer. Enter a Workgroup name. All computers on your network should have the same Workgroup name.

When the changes are complete, click Next. This may take a few minutes. In this example, Create a Network Setup Disk has been selected.


You will run this disk on each of the computers on your network. To continue click Next.

The new settings will take effect when you restart the computer. Click Yes to restart the computer. Next, you will need to run the Network Setup Disk on all the other computers on your network. Click Start in the lower left corner of the screen. Click the Support tab.