This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: PSA Series. EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3.

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Front and Rear Panel Features This chapter gives you an overview of the front and rear panels of your analyzer. Additional Information Notice The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

The battery is located on the CPU board. Viewing A Signal Viewing a Signal 1. Page 53 NOTE You should notice that the trace you saved, in this example trace 3, is loaded to trace 2.

Save the file 1.

Installation And Setup Installation and Setup If so, refer to the Instrument Messages and Functional Tests manual. This setting enables the alignment routine to run automatically either every 24 hours, or when the internal analyzer temperature changes 3 C. Improving Frequency Accuracy NOTE You should notice that the trace you saved, in this example trace 3, is loaded to trace 2. Check to see maunal the green LED above the power switch is on. e44400a



Viewing Traces 1, 2, and 3 Step 2. To access the Copy menu, press boxes as described by the From: Also, listen for internal fan noise to determine if the analyzer cooling fans are running.

They are only designated by the Name: Make sure there manua, no disk in the front-panel disk drive. Page 34 Making a Basic Measurement This chapter is divided into the following sections: Viewing Catalogs and Saving Files Saving a File Saving a File You can save files setups, states, traces, limits, corrections, measurement results, or screens to a floppy disk A: Installation and Setup Running Internal Alignments Running Internal Alignments Each time the analyzer is powered on, the internal alignment routine runs automatically.

Agilent Technologies E4440A Getting Started Manual

To be implemented in future firmware upgrade. Select the type of file you want to rename setup, state, trace, limits, screens, or corrections. If a problem persists, you may choose to: Front-panel keys that are white perform an immediate action rather than bringing up a menu. Refer to Figure Then press the desired terminator either a unit softkey, or the Terminate a value that requires a unit-of-measurement. This function can be auto-coupled.

Used on Option Noise Figure personality. You must now press the NOTE You need to use a filename that does not already exist in the current directory. Copying A File Copying a File 1. Factory Preset Restores the analyzer to a user-defined state.

Directories are displayed as DIR and drives have nothing listed under Type:. Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge Protecting Against Manuaal Discharge Electrostatic discharge ESD can damage or destroy electronic components the possibility of unseen damage caused by ESD is present whenever components are transported, stored, or used.


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The following table describes the four types of spectrum analyzer messages. It is effective over a frequency range of dc to 2 GHz. Page 44 Viewing Catalogs and Saving Files The analyzer stores and retrieves data similarly to the way that a personal computer PC does: User Preset This type of preset restores the currently selected mode to a known Mode Preset In this example you are loading a trace file; Press If the previously performed alignments did not resolve the problem, press Alignments Restore Align Defaults Is the analyzer displaying an error message?

Place a marker labeled 1 on the 10 MHz peak, as shown in Press Peak Search Note that the frequency and amplitude of manuao marker appear both in the active function block, and in the upper-right corner of the screen.

For example, when you press the key manuual the menuit will bring up its own menu of Orientation Copying a File 1. In Case of Difficulty Before calling Agilent Technologies, however or returning an analyzer for serviceperform the quick checks listed in the problem. These features are only available when special options are installed.