The humans of the Five Nations are ethnically diverse. Humanity It’s hard to map Eberron’s fashions to Earth’s history because it’s not Earth. Buy Five Nations (Eberron Campaign: Dungeons & Dragons) by Bill Slavicsek ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . EBERRON: Five Nations () – Danger knows no borders Secure your traveling papers and jump aboard the lightning rail as it hurtles across.

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Five Nations (book)

And haute-couture in Eberron would be as unusual and surreal as that of modern day Earth, possibly taking inspiration from ancient and foreign cultures.

Say after a major cache of Xendrik relics ends up in Sharn that Breland goes through a Sulatar inspired craze maybe spreading maybe not? Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. During her reign, the region came to be called Breland.

I like those little flairs to random treasure drops. I could see this making hair accessories, bandanas, circlets and other head ornaments that do not cover or hide the ears popular among City goblins. Karrns are stoic and stolid, while Aundairians tend to be dramatic and expressive. Where Vyenne likes her wands and her elegant chain dancing, Harkan carries a staff and is quite straightforward about crushing you with his mace. Over the centuries, the reality did not always match the decree.

She makes up for this, though, by having a gleaming white prosthetic arm powered by a small bound water elemental, proudly blazoned with the Cannith coat of arms. What is the attitude in the Five Nations toward items made from the body parts of sentient species?


The Five Nations have a rberron of dark memories of rivalries and atrocities to put behind them, and forgetting such things is never easy. They could be meant to uphold social mores in Thrane and Karrnath, or to maintain social divisions in Aundair.

Could we get a quick rundown on what the humans of each of the Five Nations ebergon look like, physically? For almost a thousand years, the great kingdom of Galifar rose atop the pillars of the Five Nations to create an unprecedented age of peace and prosperity. I gave Cyran fashion a more modern look, tuxedo pants and vests for the men or womenand pencil skirts and long jackets for the women.

Five Nations (book) | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Compared to Vyenne, eberrin clothing is simple and practical. Karrns are likewise practical, martial, and dressed to deal with a harsher climate. The Brelish are in a more tropical climate and fall in the middle — not as in love with fashion as the Aundairians, but neither as spartan as the Thranes or Karrns. This honored tradition was abandoned a century ago, when the last king of Galifar, Jarot, died.

Her ruffles and hairstyle reflect the latest trends in Fairhaven fashion; while her dress appears constricting, the fabric is surprisingly flexible. Natives of the five nations tend toward certain personality stereotypes, but few could pick out a Brelander from a Karnnathi just on sight alone. JavaScript is currently disabled. The devastated territory it once occupied is now known as the Mournland.

These goblins mostly rely nnations intimidation instead of actual armor. The medusa sergeant I introduced them to wears a particularly expensive and severe-looking set of blinders. Humans possess four of the thirteen dragonmarks. I like to take inspiration from real world historical clothing for Eberron fashion, but use it in an intensely anachronistic way, so it usually loses any historical significance.

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A warrior might dress to resemble Dol Arrah or Dol Dorn when in their armour and an innkeeper might dress as Boldrei the hearthkeeper.

Dragonmarks: People of the Five Nations

For all religious, Karrnathis usually bring out their religious side more in their art and architecture. At the high end you can have truly fantastic designs: So yes, they are a grab bag of all possible looks you can imagine. Cyrans went in for religious jewellery and personalised accessories, which fiive can now find at pawn shops all over the continent.

It was a process with a specific structure that, in practice, rarely worked as presented in the royal decree. I wanted to emphasize everron artistic flair and more modern attitudes. The styles would generally signify the status and personality of the wearer, and most clothing beyond the most strange of haute-couture would be a lot more practical.

Four years ago, the nation of Cyre disappeared in a terrible and unexplained conflagration that hations the entire area into a devastated region now known as the Mournland. It began on Sarlona, where environments range from desert to arctic tundra and everything in between.

In Eberron, armor is often worn either as a practical tool or as a fashion statement, and I think that armor is more comfortable and flexible than equivalents we know from our history. I look to the illustrations in the books for inspiration, and I think of the general tone of the nation. You should check them out.