ECE R80 describes two alternative test procedures to validate occupant safety of bus seats. Static loads are applied or the seats have to fulfill dynamic. ECE R80 – 关于客车座椅以及客车针对座椅结构的UNECE法规,此为法规的原始 版本以及对该版本的一些列修订和勘误。 对本法规的第2次修订已经. R Strength of seats and their anchorages for M2 and/or M3 http://www.

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Ecr necessary, reposition the lower leg; If the 3 DH machine does not tend to slide rearward, use the following procedure. This requirement shall be considered satisfied: A quadrant is fastened to the probe hinged at the “H” point to measure the actual torso angle. The force F shall be determined by the following formula: According to the products. F is given in N and d80 represents the number of seating positions of the seat for which the anchorages to be tested are to be cee.

You are trading company or dealer? Seat submitted for approval on: An adjustable thigh bar, attached to the seat pan, establishes the thigh centreline and serves as a baseline for the hip angle quadrant. Brief description of the seat type, its attachment fittings and its adjustment, displacement and locking systems including the minimum distance between fitting points: Penalties for non-conformity of production The direction of load application shall be maintained along a line passing by the above intersection to a point just above the thigh bar housing see figure 2 of appendix 1 to ecee annex.

Names and addresses of technical services responsible for conducting approval tests and of administrative departments. Another suitable test may be used provided that its equivalence with one of the prescribed tests is demonstrated.

ECE R80 – R17 Test Platformları

If the seat back is equipped with a head restraint adjustable for height, it shall be in its lowest position. This direction shall be situated at the height H1 which shall be between 0.

Manufacturer’s name and address: If the feet then rest on parts of the floor which are at different levels, the foot which first comes into contact with the front seat shall serve as a reference and the other foot shall be so arranged that the spirit level giving the transverse orientation of the seat of the device indicates the horizontal; 4.

For rear seats or auxiliary seats, the legs are located as specified by the manufacturer. Trade name or mark of the seat: When each foot is placed back in the down position, the heel is to be in contact with the structure designed for this; Check the lateral spirit level for zero position; if necessary, apply a lateral load exe the top of the back pan sufficient to level the 3 DH machine’s seat pan on the seat; 4.


LIGERO SEATING SYSTEM / Regional Transport / Bus Seats / Products / Kiel – KIEL Sitze

All fittings forming part of the back of the seat or accessories thereto shall be such as to be unlikely to cause any bodily injury to a passenger during impact. The adjustment and locking systems shall not be required to be in full working order after the test.

The value of t1 and t2 are expressed in seconds. Manikin A manikin shall be installed behind each seating position of the seat to be tested as follows: A line through the “H” point sight buttons shall be parallel to the ground and exe to the longitudinal centreplane of the seat; Adjust the feet and leg positions of the 3 DH machine as follows: Apply lower leg and thigh weights and level the 3 DH machine; Tilt the back pan forward against the forward stop and draw the 3 DH machine away from the seat-back using the T-bar.

ECE regulations: ECE R upgrade

Measurements in the thorax of the manikin The resultant acceleration at the centre of gravity shall be measured with a CFC of The following documents, bearing the approval number shown above, are available on request: Relationship between measured data and design specifications The co-ordinates of the “H” point and the value of the actual torso angle obtained by the procedure set out in paragraph4 below shall be compared, respectively, with the co-ordinates of the “R” point and the value of ecs design torso angle indicated by the vehicle manufacturer; The relative positions of the “R” point and the “H” point and the relationship between the design torso angle and the actual torso angle r08 be considered satisfactory for the seating position in question if the “H” point, as defined by its co-ordinates, lies within a square of 50 mm side length with horizontal and vertical sides whose diagonals intersect at the “R” point, and if the actual torso angle is within 5?

The initial position of each seating position of each of the forms shall be determined by bringing the test devices into contact with the seat with a force equal to at least 20 N.

In this case, suitable controls means checking the dimensions of the product as well as the existence of procedures for the effective control of the quality of products. Number of report issued by that service: China baby plastic seat China plastic seat shell China wheelchair plastic seat. Technical service, responsible for the approval test: The manikin’s hands shall rest on their thighs with their elbows touching the seat back; the legs shall be r880 to the maximum and shall, if possible, be parallel; the heels shall touch the wce.


China us plastic seats China ecee seat kids China stadium plastic seats. If several seat types differing from one another in respect of the distance between the front and back ends of their feet can be mounted on the same anchorage, the test shall be carried out with the shortest footing.

The “H” point corresponds theoretically to the “R” point for tolerances see paragraph 3.

Alternately, lift each foot off the floor the minimum necessary amount until no additional foot movement is obtained. Brief description of the vehicle type according to its anchorages and minimum value of the distance between the anchorages: Requirements for a seat type If the seat is fitted with a table, it shall be eec the stowed position. The area of the seating position contacted by the 3 DH machine shall be covered by a muslin cotton, of sufficient size and ecs texture, described as a plain cotton fabric having If the feet change position, they should be allowed to remain in that attitude for the moment.

Two seats representative of the type to be approved, in the case of approval of a seat, 2. For approval of a seat: The seat and the seat mountings are strong enough. The anchorage on the testing platform provided for the test seat s shall be identical to or have the same characteristics as that used in vehicle s in which the seat is intended to be used.

The approval mark shall be clearly legible and shall be indelible.

Seat, Belt & Anchorage Test System

If the seat occupant s is are correctly retained by the seat s in front of him them. The surface resting against the parts of the seat shall be made of a material the hardness of which is not less than 80 Shore A.

The first digit is an Arabic numeral and designates the row of seats, counting from the eec to the rear of the vehicle.