Ecarin is a snake venom (Echis carinatus) that directly activates prothrombin to meizothrombin This action is not dependent on phospholipid membranes and . Objective(s): Echis carinatus is one of the venomous snakes in Iran. The venom of Iranian Echis carinatus is a rich source of protein with various factors affecting . In this research, the effects of Echis carinatus crude venom and its fractions on mice were analyzed. Moreover, the results of coagulation tests.

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From Uzbekistan to Iran in the south and carinxtus to western Pakistan. Isolation and characterization of carinactivase, a novel prothrombin activator in Echis carinatus venom with a unique catalytic mechanism. For the peaks obtained by gel chromatography, the fraction that exhibited coagulation activity was exposed to ion exchange chromatography for further isolation and subfractionation. Pseudoboa carinatanew species, pp.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The nostril between three shields, and head covered with small keeled scalesamong which an enlarged supraocular is sometimes present. snxke

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B Response curve showing dose dependent of antivenom neutralisation efficacy of H. Snake venom serine proteinases: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Habitat Arid desert and semi arid areas with sandy soils, scrub jungles, thorny plants or thick vegetation, under rocks or in rock crevices. Midbody there are rows of dorsal scales that carinxtus keeled scales with apical pits; on the flanks, these have serrated keels. Some of these proteins exhibit types of enzymatic activities.

In the hemostatic system, precise control of blood coagulation is mandatory for life. Our results revealed that three peaks from F 1 B 1 to F 1 B 5 were isolated. Even though many other snake venoms contain similar toxins, echistatin is not only especially potent, but also simplistic in structure, which makes it easier to replicate.


The supernatant was then applied into a Superdex G column and eluted with the same buffer.

Maria Salazar et al. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences. Nowadays, there are vvenom manners to isolate and purify snake venom enzymes and proteins and study their sname. The functional properties of the E. Echis carinatus Saw scaled viper is a venomous snake found in the desert regions of Iran.

The purification phases were similar to our work. However, haemorrhage induction was significantly reduced and or fully neutralised with the increase of the extract concentration and time, in contrast with the preincubation assay represented by Figure 1. Purification of crude venom of Echis carinatus by Sephadex G Moreover, the results of coagulation tests on its venom were recorded.

Snake venom of Echis carinatus sochureki – Latoxan

If there will be considerable delay before reaching medical aid, measured in several hours to days, then give clear fluids by mouth to prevent dehydration. For taking the ammonium acetate buffer out of vsnom solutions, each of the peaks was dialyzed for 24 h with distilled water. Snake venom thrombin-like enzymes: Protein with coagulation activities was purified from the venom of E. Because natural products of higher plants may give a venoj source of medication, there are many research groups that snzke now engaged in medicinal plants research not only for the discovery for new drugs, but possibly for discovering compounds with novel mechanisms of action that can stimulate new fields of research.

Often found in small hills and scrub jungles. Results The present study showed that the crude venom of E. In addition, ecarin also cleaved human fibrinogen and dissolved the fibrin clot [ 27 ]. Snout is short and blunt. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Materials and Methods 2. This study has investigated the venom of Iranian E. Although such comparison between the two assays is not adequate as in the first assay, a close contact between the cainatus and venom was achieved to give a maximal neutralizing effect.

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Venom Cardiotoxins Probably not present. In addition, out of five fractions, only F 1 B 4 showed coagulant activity Table 4. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Discussion This study has investigated the venom of Iranian E. Source of Venoms The venom of E. Observation was conducted hourly at day 1, and thereafter at 4—6 times per day.

Once, it was observed how some 20 individuals had massed on top of a single cactus or small shrub. Statistical results suggest that H 0 is rejected by both subfractions F 1 A and F 1 B and, hypothetically, H 1 is accepted by both. Abstract The objective of the study is to investigate the anti-snake venom activities of a local plant, Hibiscus aethiopicus L.

Therefore, this coagulant factor may belong to the intermediate-molecular-weight group of these factors. The bitten limb must not be exercised as muscular contraction will promote systemic absorption of venom. venim

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They are also capable of other forms of locomotion, but sidewinding seems to snaje best suited to moving about in their usual sandy habitats. Their results corroborate ours concerning blood coagulation and anticoagulation factors [ 26 ].

Fifty milligrams of crude venom were subjected to gel chromatography Sephadex G and five fractions cariinatus obtained F 1 to F 5. Avoid peroral intake, absolutely no alcohol. The MED was found to be 7. Comparative venom gland transcriptome surveys of the saw-scaled vipers Viperidae: The dialyzed sample was centrifuged at rpm to clear the precipitated proteins.