Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version). A Book in Every Home: Containing Three Subjects: Ed’s Sweet Sixteen, Domestic and. + This item:Magnetic Current by Edward Leedskalnin Paperback $ Edward Leedskalnin (modern Latvian: Edvards Liedskalniņš) (January 12, – December 7, Edward was a sickly boy who often spent time reading books, which helped him to develop an inquisitive mind and .. Ed Leedskalnin’s Magnetic Current illustrated; Māris Goldmanis, Researcher at University of Latvia.

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In the first section, Bokk vents his anger at his “Sweet Sixteen”, arguing that girls should be kept pure, and that boys are primarily a soiling influence upon them.

The foundation for one’s best looks will have to be laid while one is small. By voting, the voters dictate the state’s destiny for times to come and then to allow such a weak influence to guide the state, it is not wise and so you see one should vote according to how he is carrying the State’s burden.

Children while they are growing should be watched, closely. The fellow who makes an advance toward you, and if he won’t state what the eventual purpose will be, he is not a gentleman. That is why I was so successful in resisting the natural urge for love making.

They are not around the electric motor.

I made a rock telescope and a rock sundial and they defooled me. You watch her every day and some day you will see the girl coming home with a red face. This fascinating cryptology is mesmerizing to decoders.


Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets | Ancient Knowledge

Live ScienceNovember 8, Even you could not start your car without the north and south pole magnets. It has been told to you that the government is for the purpose of protecting “life” and property, but it really is to protect “property” and life.

It is shocking to imagine that someone else produced that red face to my girl. It is natural tendency lwedskalnin all living things to take it easy. A graceful smile is pleasing but if it is not perfect, its pleasing effect is marred. Have you ever read the sacred mushroom by John Allegro?

Edward Leedskalnin

Everything would remain in the same way as it is now. Those two vertically hanging magnets prove that the electricity is composed of two different and equal forces. I can make a flash of light from them. Children should not be encouraged to smile too much, smiling in due time will. Ed giving lectures about astronomy.

In this part of Florida, the coral in some areas can be up to 4, feet thick. The base of life is the North and South pole magnets. We are leedsklnin more by reason and thought than.

The physical comfort, the ease, that is the only thing in this world that satisfies. Here is how the electrons came into existence. Looking from a neutral standpoint they cancel each other, so we have no electricity, but we have something.

You know we receive an education in the schools from books. I feel Ed wants us to change our perspective. All that will have to be done is to leedska,nin the wire by changing the magnet poles. The north pole magnet will pull in the loop. Next day shipping to anywhere in the world. Now, a few words about education. Self respecting producers will not stand such an injustice for long. To be lasting, the government should be built in the same way as the Supreme power of the leeddskalnin “the army.


A girl will economize, go hungry and endure other hardships before she will put on another girl’s dress to wear. By that leedskaknin they are grown up.

Leedskalnin’s Writings: A Book In Every Home

Dave Nelson’s Commentary on Leedskalnin. He also published an advertisement. There is no more response in it because all the response has been worked out with those fresh boys.

In his original writings, Leedskalnin substituted portions of his normal text with Leedskalnun letters and odd symbols.

I think anyone who excludes magnets and calculations about things that this earth contains, he is wrong. Now I will tell you about soiling.

A Book in Every home – by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)

Now, I will tell you why I did not get the girl. As soon as a girl acquires experience the sweetness begins to leave her right away.

In the North Hemisphere the south pole individual magnets are going up, and the north pole individual magnets are coming down.