: Efimera. Trilogia del jardin quimico (El Jardin Quimico / The Chemical Garden Trilogy) (Spanish Edition) (): Lauren DeStefano. : Efímera (Avalon) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Lauren DeStefano, Núria Martí Pérez: Kindle Store. Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico by Lauren DeStefano, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This makes sense since people die so young, but it would also stand to reason that there would lsuren be a steady supply of willing and eager wives efimera lauren destefano want to get efimera lauren destefano of poverty.

This book was simply not the one for me. Lauren DeStefano makes the mistake of confusing premise for plot.


It is not the obvious harbinger of misery and heartbreak and superfluous drama. They’re living in a dying world.

Statistically-speaking, men die from more diseases than women do, and generally have a lower life expectancy. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if destdfano had been saving up all year for the grand finale. Nor did the backwards polygamous culture. If both polar ice caps melted, USGS estimates that luren levels would rise feet. It’s just too far-fetched!

Maybe virus decided to take it out on women, I’ve no ecimera. The next thing that reall Blah. I was torn between 1 and But I might be thinking way too far ahead of myself here because this is all branched off of scientific accuracy, which this book spits in the face of. Instead, I told myself that this was a historical romance set in Utah. Will Rhine escape before her time runs out?

Supposingly a flood as devastated large areas. They are pretty birds in a gilded cage, true, but they each seem to rise above their circumstances in their own ways.


And Manhattan certainly wouldn’t have survived – because really, if you sestefano an enemy power wanting to hurt the States, you’d hit D. She has the enviable ability to create beautiful sentences, and to turn those beautiful sentences into evocative and atmospheric paragraphs, even pages.

Maybe in the third book of this series we will know that that wasn’t true and the rest world is already out there. With so few stories dealing with friendships between women, I would have given this book 3 stars on that alone.

It makes zero sense that a society dying eestefano flies would be collecting brides for the rich and shooting the rejects.

Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico : Lauren DeStefano :

If such a etimera existed right now in our time — what would we do? Let’s take those ice caps which is a near quote from the book, by the way. As much as I believe in ‘to each his own,’ I just am lauuren down with polygamy, and that little family one husband with fo If this book were to be judged by its cover and package alone, it would be very gush-worthy — but, alas, books are not meant to be judged by their covers but by the stories waiting inside.

But since I don’t think the author really had any reason, it’s just like oh. Personally, I would have thrown that in his face. I wanted to like Wither. What’s the point destetano kidnapping girls and selling them to be brides if they’re going to be dead in a few years and their children orphans?

I liked Rhine’s interactions with her sister wives, but it never moves from there. Sorry, I don’t buy it. But as is it’s totally ridiculous and serves no purpose except to a provide an excuse for everyone to be young and b make them all angsty. Then I thought, wait, am I not the very mama who encourages her kids to broaden their horizons by making them read something that might be out of their comfort zone?


The story is complex and saturated with emotion. I’m glad the romance took a backseat in this story, laurrn ever quite going away. I even had a hard time finishing the book, I really forced myself to finish because I hoped I would finally get to the point where I start to fall in love with the book. And one more random nitpicky comment Will I read the sequels?

If her resignation to her new life had happened because she had seen there was no way out, that would’ve made for wonderful character development, but the change happened for no reason and just as a way for Rhine to feel jealous of her husband’s attention on her sister wives.

If you are looking for a less intense, light, enjoyable dystopian with a hint of romance than I would recommend Wither. The questions that were raised in my mind were also never really answered, nor the characters adequately developed. The girls are taken as young as thirteen, when their bodies are mature enough to bear children, and the virus claims every female of our generation by twenty.

Refresh and try again. Do you have any idea how high the seas would rise? It’s not like they weren’t going to get the lush life anyway.