2 Revision history; 3 Limitations; 4 EDID data format; 5 EIA/CEA .. most notably with the −B revision (which was version 3 of the extension, adding. ii Obtained from GLOBAL ENGINEERING DOCUMENTS 15 Inverness Way E. CO () () < OPTION. 电子发烧友 电子技术论坛 EIA STANDARD EIA/CEAB A DTV Profile for Uncompressed.

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Other universities became interested in the software at Berkeley, and so in Joy started compiling the first Eka Software Distribution, 1BSD was an add-on to Version 6 Unix rather than a complete operating system in its own right.

In either case the image was squeezed horizontally to fit the frame size. Default white point x and y value most significant 8 bits. It is anticipated that there will be two cases: This image shows alternative ways of reconstructing an cex-861b from a set of pixel values, using dots, lines, or smooth filtering.

Week numbering is not consistent between manufacturers. The relationship of the various versions of is shown in Figure 1. Secondary GTF supported, parameters as follows. For these panels to be able cea–861b show a pixel perfect image, the EDID data must be ignored by the display driver or the driver must correctly interpret the DTD and be able to resolve resolutions whose size is not divisible by 8.

Zero means no vertical bar is present on the left of the picture. iea

EIA-CEAB 协议_百度文库

The Philco Predicta featured a relatively flat cathode ray tube setup and would be the first commercially sia flat panel upon its launch inthe plasma display panel was invented in at the University of Illinois, according to The History of Plasma Display Panels.


These requirements will be spelled out in the various sections on each infoFrame, but the specific format of EDID will be covered in Section 7.

These segments can either transmit or block light, an image is produced by passing light through selected segments of the liquid crystal to the viewer.

Active usually refers to any and all addressable pixels. Although Intel created the worlds first commercial microprocessor chip induring the s, Intel invested heavily in new microprocessor designs fostering the rapid eiia of the computer industry.

Advanced Timings|NVIDIA

Although there may be more than one native format, sia one most preferred by the DTV Monitor is listed first. Both are considered variations of the same format. They are much thinner and lighter than early s-mid s televisions and monitors, which typically used heavy, bulky cathode ray tube CRT picture tubes.

Torvalds has also stated that if BSD had been available at the time, although the complete source code of MINIX was freely available, the licensing terms prevented it from being free software until the licensing changed in April 4. InfoFrames are specific to the type of information e.

This information is provided by the speaker channel allocation information in Data Byte cea-861g. The video connector is an E size D-sub connector, with 15 pins in three rows, which is the high-density connector version. The format of the short video descriptor shall conform to that shown in Table If more than one timing extension is needed, then the value shall be the same in all extensions.

Additional clock precision in 0. Default GTF when Basic display parameters byte 24 bit 0 is set. Its principle use was to indicate to the DTV Monitor the intended picture aspect ratio of a video format timing that is available in more than one picture aspect ratio.


A data transfer structure for sending miscellaneous information from a source device to a DTV monitor over an B interface. Detailed timing descriptors, in decreasing preference order. For that reason, they are treated as the same video format with vea-861b slight variation in the parameters i. Preferred timing mode specified in descriptor block 1.

Pixel Number of End of Left Bar – An unsigned integer value representing the last horizontal pixel of a vertical pillar-bar area at the left side of the picture. The common segment displays shown side by side: Efforts began in the late s to find non-volatile memory, jay Forrester, Jan A.

Extended Display Identification Data

Flat panel display — They are far lighter and thinner than traditional cathode ray tube television sets and video displays and are usually less than 10 centimetres thick.

The general structure is shown in Annex G. If only basic audio is supported, no Short Audio Descriptors are necessary. List of InfoFrame Type Codes LCD televisions are thinner and lighter than eiq ray tube of similar display size, when manufacturing costs fell, this combination of features made LCDs practical for television receivers.

If needed, contents of the memory can be transferred to secondary storage.