Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of. Initiation is an extraordinary book penned by Elisabeth Haich in Elisabeth Haich () was a well-known painter and sculptor from. In Elisabeth Haich wrote her best known book, Initiation which has been translated into seventeen languages with millions of copies sold worldwide.

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Some of them, she has co-authored with Selvarajan Yesudian. Amazing autobiography about Elisabeth Haich’s lucid memories of ancient Egypt. What should I do? Her sculptures initiatiom exhibited in Hungary, as monuments and in plazas. It would be easy to design them on the basis of this and other similar books! No one can deny it.

Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

Preview — Initiation by Elisabeth Haich. One of the most interesting books I’ve ever read in my life. If one identified with these dreams, all these would remain real for them and he or uaich would have to experience them to the very end as reality in the three-dimensional world of Time and Space.

And the present, our life, everything that happens to us is merely an opportunity to meet the tests and trials and challenges of initiation. Many of the incidents described are very detailed and the words instantly draw mental images. Refresh and try again. Yes, there were some great spiritual teachings within these pages, but I found it difficult to focus on the message as I didn’t trust the messenger.

And if you really connect with its truths — you will come back to it, many times….


Teachings of God on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection. When one achieves the ability consciously to reach the depths of the self where those energies are awaiting their realization, one experiences cause simultaneously with the effect—the future—as a complete and perfect present!

That is all I want to say about initiiation The Saga of Odin. Through this, the spiritual seekers can, among other things, experience — for the first time and quite vividly — the mergence with their own Atmic energy. While reading, I eliasbeth time to put this book down and think on what Haich was saying.

The Everlasting Teachings of God are revived again and again each time when every next successive soul develops itself to the Mergence with the Creator and then brings from Him the knowledge about God and the Path to Him to people. With humility and deep gratitude, I accept the invitation of Thoth -the-Atlantean to participate in this book. It didn’t feel right in my heart. The Creation was manifested through the condensation of the Part of the Absolute by the Creator.

Feb 10, Uliana Avtonomova rated it it was amazing. Legend of Rada and Alexey. In close connection with Selvarajan Yesudian, she began giving Yoga lectures in My take on this book is that it has a lot to offer, but as always, nobody author, initiate or other can give us all the answers that our souls seek.

I also incarnated in Atlantisbut that incarnation was not significant: But the direct transmission of knowledge from non-incarnate or incarnate Divine Teachers to Their spiritual children, their successors, exists always.

I started this book over a year ago and just picked it up again. Even as a young child, her unique gifts were expressed as a pianist, painter and sculptress.

episabeth There is a fleeting description of one past life where after a series of misfortunes she ends up as a beggar — meeting on the streets the person who has brought her to this initiatin. I’m very tempted to drop everything I’m reading to start this one. In the same blind way in which he follows his animal instincts and urges, fate buffets him to and fro like a rudderless ship in a storm.


To read Initiation is to be part of initiation. Until the end of her life, she lectured and counseled seekers. My favorite book of all time. If you are enlightened and have awareness of the metaphysical realm, this book will blow your mind. This book is not some grand shortcut. The average man is characterized with the fourth step, the genius characterized with his intellect as the Fifth; elisaneth prophet with his wisdom and universal love as the Sixth; and ultimately the God Man as the final Seventh level of manifestation.

I waited initixtion year after receiving this one to start it and did so hesitantly. This is the subtlety inherent to the Creator. Andneither the positive thinking exist without the negative feelings.

A bit hard to understand in places but well worth the read. Since I like Brian Weiss’ books, went ahead and got this. This point onwards the book has sequences, descriptions and concepts unlike any other book I inigiation read.

How this was built still remains one of the greatest mysteries of archaeology.