The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory .. Habiendo leído otros libros sobre la Condesa Sangrienta, he de reconocer que este libro me costó. Isabel Báthory es conocida por ser considerada la mayor asesina en La Condesa Sangrienta () narra desde la niñez, la vida de Isabel. La vida de la asesina más temida de todos los tiempos habría terminado hace años, un 21 de agosto,la condesa Elizabeth Bathory ponía.

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She suffered from several breakdowns and her epileptic fits became devastating, triggered by her psychological condition. This book was about Erzsebet Bathory, but the last quarter of the book went into many details and stories about Gille de Rais. All in all, Penrose’s writing is both descriptive and creative, far from being a dry report of murders and perversity.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I am well versed in baathory most horrific war crimes that have occured in Africa over the last years and while this book is very graphic in its describtions it still pales when compared to some of the things I’ve read about people doing to one another.

The young daughters of Hungarian noblemen whose education she had been entrusted with started to bathoty or fall mysteriously ill: Finally, read the true story behind the real-life Bloody Mary. This diary, however, appears to only be a legend; it has condwsa been found. The poor translation by Alexander Trocchi doesn’t help.

She is believed to have been the first accounted-for female serial killer. As for the book, the topic is interesting, the writing style isn’t my favorite.

Won’t even give it 1 star. Readers seeking a sober recounting of history will not find it in this book.

The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory by Valentine Penrose

Also, the filthiest parasites and criminals did not cnodesa the chance to scrounge money off the Countess by feeding her obsessions with hocus-pocus black magic and exploiting her sexual depravity. Very insightful, albeit a little hard to follow as its language is rather cryptic, more so because the names and locations of events are extremely foreign.

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Penrose made surrealist collages. I appreciate the attempt to at least try to find a poetic meaning in the psyche of such a vile person, but the truth is there is very little verifiable detail about what was going through the mind of this mad woman, aside from the recorded list of victims found in her diary. It’s actually for research, but Erzebat Bathory always fascinated me.

La escalofriante historia de la condesa de Transilvania que se bañaba en sangre

Wikimedia Commons The ruins of Csejte Castle today. It really is wonderfully written, and a joy to read albeit clumsy at times, presumably because it was translated – just don’t use it for your thesis project, because its historical sobriety is akin to King Jesus by Robert Graves. An all-pervading sulphureous atmosphere permeates the book, the eroticism – inevitable when part of the subject is deviant sex – is veiled and never excessive, and the use of mostly indirect speech adds plausibility to the narration.

Nov 25, Darrell rated it liked it Shelves: View all 10 comments. Sure, there were comparisons between the lifestyles of both, but I was not expecting this Most of them were afflicted by mental illness, but that didn’t matter since they had brilliantly survived the turmoils of their time, a dark era of continuous warfare and political murders.

After discovering and falling in love with Solar Books the other week, I realized that I already had one of their books–The Bloody Countess. Penrose writes about the occult as if it were real and she describes the historical figures involved as if she knew them personally, when in fact the historical record is far too fragmentary to be sure of anyone’s personality or motivations. So, here is the subject.


Elizabeth Bathory : Pascal Croci :

Ironically, for the pages and pages recounting mentally ill family members throughout the centuries which included Erzsebet’s older brother Istvan the “satyr”, and “mad” King Sigusmundnot a word was written about Vlad III. Her marriage determined the end of her freedom, especially when her mother-in-law tried to repress her temperament. I would say this is a well-written book that is very shocking but for anyone interested in Bathory and her times, I would recommend it.

Dec 20, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: No flame, no air.

The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory

In she made an extended visit to India with the poet and painter Alice Paalen later Alice Rahon. Near the end, eilzabeth author finally veers off track and spends an entire chapter recounting his crimes. For such an extraordinary creature, the outside world just ceased to exist.

That said, one witness claimed to have seen a book kept by Bathory herself, where she recorded the names of all of her victims — in total. Descended from one of the most ancient aristocratic families of Europe, Erzsebet Bathory bore the psychotic aberrations of centuries of intermarriage. Sep 26, Runningrabbit rated it really liked it.

According to witnesses, it was at this time that Bathory began murdering her victims, the first of which were poor girls lured to the castle with the promise of work.