Title, Endodoncia: principios y práctica. Authors, Richard E. Walton, Mahmoud Torabinejad. Edition, 2. Publisher, Interamericana-McGraw Hill, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. By Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica by Richard E Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica. by Richard E Walton; Mahmoud Torabinejad. Print book: Document.

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Editorial Harcourt – Mosby. A clinical and roentgenological study of 55 cases of root perforation.

In-fluence of the removal of coronal gutta–percha on the seal of root canal obtura-tions. Marlin J, Schilder H. Lasala A Endodoncia 4a.

The master apical file for mesial canals is Tsesis I, Fuss Z. La radiovisio-grafia en endodoncia.

Walton torabinejad

Use of MTA for repair of furcal perforations. Accuracy of an electronic apex locator: Marciano J, Michailesco PM.

Physical properties of gutta-percha when subjected to heat and condensation Oral Surg ; In cases when the patient is not under anesthesia he experiences a strong periodontal pain. The four circumstances to consider when treating endodontic accidents mishaps are: In drilling procedures, time is endodonia the essence.


Surgery can also be contemplated in cases where coronary guttapercha removal from the furcation is not possible.

Treatment plan consisted in coronary or orthographic removal of the guttapercha present in the furcation after that, canals were retreated, the perforation was sealed with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate MTA.

A radiolucent area was also observed in that area. Radiovisiography for imaging root canals: Determination of impedance changes at varying frequencies in relation to root canal position and irrigant. Dent Clin North Am ; A com-parison of stress produced during lateral and vertical condensation using engineering models J Endodon ; Root strain asso-ciated with different obturation techniques J Endodon ; Among accidents with worse prognosis are perforations at bone crest level, specifically in the furcation since its proximity to the gingival sulcus favors bacterial contamination.

Prognosis of a perforated tooth is unfavorable. Apical extent of rotary canal instrumentation with an apex- locating hand piece in vitro. Filling root canal in three dimensions Dent Clin North Am It is not always possible to properly handle the perforation because of the operator’s lack of experience, or lack of proper equipment for its treatment. The best time to repair root perforations is immediately after the accident occurs, minimizing thus the potential of infection at the perforation site.



Reliability of salton apex locator to determine the working length under moisture conditions. Use of restorative materials such as Mineral Trioxide Aggregate MTA offer better prognosis in perforations treatments. The size of the defect also plays an important role since large perforations do not respond as well as the smaller ones.

When probing, a 9 mm periodontal pocket is detected in the vestibular middle third. J Endod ; Int Endod J ; When carrying out surgery for guttapercha cone extraction and perforations sealing, the steps are as follows: Some of these unfortunate events are perforation in the chamber of the przctica of the mouth, or poor obturation of the canal system, which will lead to failure of the treatment.

An X ray is taken of the cone excess.