Acronym: CCA. Sometimes referred to as warehouse moth or tropical warehouse moth; scientific references may use Ephestia cautella. The reduction in mating of Ephestia cautella caused by permeation of the atmosphere with synthetic sex pheromone components was investigated in the. Adults of Ephestia cautella (Wlk.) were exposed to pressures of , , , and mm Hg at 26 ± 1 °C and 70 ± 5% r.h., in a specially designed.

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Adults live for about 10 days after eclosion and do not eat, but may drink if water is available. Braconidae and Venturia canescens Hymenoptera: Exposure of pupae to minutes or more is effective to get a complete mortality for the pupal stage.

Eggs The eggs are translucent yellow with a sculptured surface. Larvae The larvae range from 1.

Almond moth

Larvae are able to chew through foil wrapping to infest protected products. Almond moth larvae are mostly gray with darker heads. Controlled atmosphere Where suitable infrastructure exists, low oxygen and carbon dioxide-enriched atmospheres can be used to control stored product pests.

While instances of remating are low in almond moths, it is most likely to occur in instances where the female received only seminal compounds and no spermatophore. Generally, adult female moths will oviposit around eggs at a time. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. Infestations of this species may also be limited by the storage of good quality grains such as whole cereals with fewer broken grains.


Other common names, particularly in nonbiological literature, are dried currant moth and fig moth, which invite confusion with the close relatives Cadra figulilella raisin moth and Cadra calidella dried fruit moth. Click on images to enlarge. The mass release of the parasite Habrobracon hebetor has been used in South Africa to control the tropical warehouse moth in a sultana store as part of an integrated pest management programme.

Factsheet – Cadra cautella Walker, – Tropical Warehouse Moth

They fly actively in the mornings and evenings to lay eggs within days after emergence. An admixture of approved grain insecticides, especially organophosphorus compounds, will protect against this pest. The pupal stage is completed in about ephesttia days.

The presence of apyrene sperm is thought to produce a larger refractory period in the female moth by filling her reproductive tract, and epnestia prolonging the time period before she can remate. Stored Products Management, 2nd Ed.

The timing and number of eggs oviposited has been shown to vary based on several factors, including temperature, humidity, access to water, and type of food source.

The tropical warehouse moth infests dried fruit and nuts, cereals, oil seeds, cakes and chocolate products.

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Wolbachia is a type of bacteria which infects several types of invertebrates, including the almond moth. Caterpillar below and pupa above in peanut husks. Trematerra, P et al.


Larval growth and rate of development depends on temperature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The severity of a tropical warehouse moth infestation can be reduced by good store hygiene which includes cleaning the store between harvests, immersing grain sacks in boiling water and fumigating the store to eliminate residual infestations, ensuring that all spillages are removed, all cracks and crevices in the store are filled and the selection of only uninfested material for storage.

Larvae web the grains together and also wander about leaving silken tunnels behind. M and Inscoe, M.

Ephestia Cautella, Warehouse Almond Moth – Russell IPM – SPI

The tropical warehouse moth overwinters as larvae in low temperatures. Image source unknown Larva of the tropical warehouse moth, Cadra cautella. Zeitschrift des Wiener Entomologen-Vereins Adult almond months are predominantly light brown in color, with smaller hind wings that are typically gray.

Silk webbing produced by the caterpillars can block and subsequently damage the machinery of flourmills and food processing plants. Although the amount of sperm cautela by males decreases across subsequent copulations, this appears to have no effect on the number of eggs laid and offspring hatched by the female.

Journal of Economic Entomology.