The main difference between this game and its predecessors is that The Esoterrorists RPG recognises and addresses the problem of under. The Esoterrorists 2nd Edition – A stand-alone roleplaying game by Robin D Laws You are elite investigators combating the plots of the. Items 1 – 24 of 24 A stand-alone roleplaying game by Robin D Laws You are elite investigators combating the plots of the Esoterrorists, a loose affiliation of occult.

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However the material paints the broad strokes and GMs familiar with the genre conventions can easily paint those in.

The Esoterrorists RPG Series

Specifically, it uses skills as pools of resources which are depleted with use. In The Esoterrorists setting, two players receive 32 investigative build points each, while five or more players receive 20 build points each. The game provides a couple of nice sections talking about what makes Gumshoe different and what makes an investigative scenario run– it provides good esoterrotists to illustrate this. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Age of Ravens: RPGs I Like: The Esoterrorists

If it has a flaw beyond my dislike of the Action resolution system which I mentioned in my Gumshoe system review it is that I’d like to see more examples and discussion of how to craft these scenarios. In a traditional mystery, the endpoint is when the crime is solved, but in adventure fiction, solving the mystery simply reveals the action that needs to be taken.

That’s a minor problem, but if your copy gets regular use expect it to happen. The rules spend about three pages on this and handle it well without getting too bogged down.

There’s the namesake organization itself– a loose cabal of occultists and lunatics who have banded together to share power and create chaos. So they form a conspiracy to basically go around committing atrocities and planting fake stories in the media and staging hoaxes to try and get people to believe that the world is in fact random, esoterorists, and occult.


They can help get characters out of some jams, but severe problems like a witnessed murder can’t be brushed under the carpet. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Now, both of these approaches can work, but they serve different needs based upon the anticipated endpoint.


It only presents the mechanics for a couple of supernatural foes, but directs the reader to the Book of Unremitting Horror if they need more ideas or really have to have established stat blocks. Laws’ provides a disclaimer to clarify that this version of mental illness draws from ‘pop culture’ rather than reality. It echoes a darker version of the X-Filescloser to Millennium in tone. Everyone wants to cast spells and control reality with their minds, right?

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Finally, the length and depth of the scenario presented threw me at first. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Review Of The Esoterrorists By Pelgrane Press | The Esoterrorists | RPGGeek

Esoterrirists Read Edit View history. While the premise has been done by other games, The Esoterrorists has some nice twists on that formula. The skill system is so loosely bolted on that if you like the investigation engine, you can easily replace it with Risus or Fudge or the New WoD or really anything else you feel comfortable enough to cook with.

The role esoterdorists these rules is the same role as the clues they govern — to quickly move past them and onto the real meat of the matter. That’s a great device, but can be overwhelming at first. I talked about the Gumshoe rpg system yesterday, esoterroriets I’d like to look at a couple of games that actually put that into application. The mechanics for the system take up about half of the book– interspersed with some discussion of the Ordo Veritas and other campaign details.

That has a tendency to bend and bubble, especially along the spine and it can peel away at the edges. The game assumes competency on the part esoterrotists the investigators– they’re trained, aware of the situation and hopefully prepared to face the opposition. British role-playing games Contemporary role-playing games Pelgrane Press esotrerorists Robin Laws games Role-playing games introduced in That’s a modern game with a focus on the idea of corporate supernatural hunters.


Retrieved 24 August Esoterrorists is a game of occult, supernatural terror, somewhat similar in premise to games such as Kult or Over the Edge. In The Esoterrorists setting players receive 60 general build points each.

Players can pick up a kind of PTSD from the beings and events they witness. As with most horror games it includes a mechanic for tracking fear and mental breakdown, here represented through the Stability ability. It helps that, again, magic isn’t real, and so the most they can usually esoterrroists is find a local legend about a monster or something and kill a bunch of people in a way that looks like the monster did it.

The first printing I purchased of it had a real stiffness to the cover and paper, resulting in odd bending and inflexibility. The player characters are a bunch of members of a secret society estoerrorists goes around investigating possible cases of Esoterror and capturing or killing the individuals responsible.

I’m used to game books with a few pages of plot hooks and then an easy one-shot to get people playing. The only defect presentation-wise lies in the glossy cover which uses a laminate. Once this engine is a little less central, it will be much stronger for it.

Any number of investigative build points can be spent on an investigative ability, though more than 3 or 4 points is rarely useful. That comes to twelves pages between the player and GM portions. Once in awhile they can summon a monster or something, but this tends to fail seeing as how, again, magic’s not real.

There are no levels through which player characters progress. You have thirteen General Abilities, including two that represent your current status: