c) Estertores crepitantes y subcrepitantes. d) Radiopacidad en forma de velo. e) Hacinamiento y contaminación ambiental. f) Que exista derrame pleural. Spanish term or phrase: subcrepitantes basales. English translation: bibasilar subcrepitant rales. Entered by: Parrot. En casos de caverna muy grande y de paredes lisas. y en neumotórax siempre que haya condensación asociada.

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They’re also heard on inhalation and are thought to be caused by the sudden opening of bronchiolar walls.

Piirila P, Sovijarvi AR. Automatic update in Three medical journals were selected, each from a distinct area of study – pulmonology, pediatrics, and clinical practice – according to the following criteria: Three journals were selected for this study: Journals from other specialties were not included in this study because they typically present fewer respiratory disease-related articles.

A health care professional might feel [ Listening to the chest with a stethoscope auscultation reveals sounds [ It should also be borne in mind that, in addition to rales fine and coarsethere are other abnormal sounds in pulmonary auscultation that originate in the extrathoracic airways stridor or in the pleura friction rub.

Sibilancias y son id o s crepitantes q u e se oyen al [ In addition, the evolution of the appropriateness of the use of pulmonary auscultation terms has not been studied since the dissemination of the new international nomenclature.

Whe ez ing a nd crackling so unds heard th rough [ They’re also associated with diffuse interstitial diseases such as rheumatic lung disease and interstitial fibrosis.


The selection of one journal from each of three medical fields was defined a priori as representative of Brazilian medical publications: At the other extreme, infections with LPAI viruses may be associated with severe clinical [ All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Crackles in th e lungs, ca lled crepitamtes missionhospitals.

subcrepitantes basales

A total of original articles and case reports were analyzed. Subcrepitant Rales are of medium pitch but lack the crackling quality of crepitant rales. To evaluate the appropriateness of the use of auscultation terminology in Brazilian respiratory disease-related medical journals published between January of and December of Crepitant rales are often heard when patients have pulmonary edema, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

A confusa nomenclatura da ausculta pulmonar brasileira. The search for data was focused on the “Methods” and “Results” sections of the articles selected.

Inappropriate use of pulmonary auscultation terms describing adventitious sounds remains common and widespread in Brazilian medical publications. Survey of adventitious lung sound terminology in case reports. The following factors are suggested as being responsible for this noncompliance: It is these secondary pathogens that engender the actual clinical picture of.

Mejor te copio una paginita donde explica lo que son: Ausculta ti on sh owe d crackling r ale s and b ibasal bronchial [ Disorders of the respiratory tract in children.

Abnormal sounds in [ Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. Original articles and case reports about respiratory diseases were selected, and auscultation terminology was extracted from these articles.

Each group was responsible for one journal. In addition, there were no significant differences among the various regions of the country or between the periods prior to and after the dissemination of international nomenclature. Close and don’t show again Close. It does not match my search.


Auscultación Normal y Patológica del Aparato Respiratorio by on Prezi

As for the continuous sounds, the situation is less alarming. Sonidos respiratorios anormales como l o s estertores mercydesmoines. C r ackl es rales in the i nfected [ Fine crackles are generally associated with the presence of liquids or exudates in the alveoli, as seen in pneumonia, bronchiolitis, and left ventricular insufficiency.

View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. Coarse crackles are common in chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis, in which secretion accumulates in the upper airways. Due to the number of publications, the subvrepitantes were divided into three groups, by region: Bibasilar end-inspiratory crepitant rales are prominent and may persist for weeks after cessation of exposure Advances beyond the stethoscope.

Why do we use these terms? Pulmonologists used inappropriate terms to describe pulmonary auscultation as frequently as did non-pulmonologists. However, there is still much confusion regarding the terminology used to describe pulmonary auscultation.

Both of these determinations were based on the information provided for the first author of each article. Vote Promote or demote ideas.