Der goldne Topf has ratings and 55 reviews. Manybooks said: From the many E.T.A. Hoffmann works of shorter fiction that we read and analysed in my. Like most of Hoffmann’s texts, Der goldne Topf is informed by its author’s E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Golden Pot and Other Tales (Oxford: Oxford University Press. E. T. A. HOFFMANN’S DER GOLDNE TOPF: ITS ROMANTIC MYTH. By Kenneth Negus. AMONG THE MANY new areas of literary art explored by German.

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Usually the magical and the realistic part are perfectly intervowen so that the reader is partially confused and doesn’t know what is real otpf what not. German Wikisource has original text related to this article: Preview — Der goldne Topf by E.

Some of the happenings and events were written so quickly that I just couldn’t even comprehend them. He later revised this concept to make his tale deeper and more serious. As a result the plot did not engage me.

The Golden Pot – Wikipedia

In a fantasy I want to feel magic ; I do not want to merely be told of occurrences that must be caused by magic because they cannot, using common sense, realistically happen.

What we normally would call the “real” world is intertwined with a “supernatural” realm inhabited by elemental spirits, but in Hoffmann’s tale, the fantastic is the real. AnselmusVeronika PaulmannSerpentina. Retrieved from ” https: Liebe und Eifersucht Undine.

Märchen – Märchenland Deutschland – Märchen der Romantik – Goethe-Institut

I might write a paper on it. The story is composed of events. Rekommenderas till alla som gillar typ Spirited Away eller Disney’s Fantasia. I want to feel empathy for them.

Maybe it was done on purpose, but it made it feel a little. Hoffmann ist einfach super. Letters, diary hoffamnn, and essays that Hoffmann wrote as he was working on The Golden Pot indicate that it was written during one of the most unsettled periods of his life. I surely missed some details but I was however able to understand the meaning of those parts, though I like to understand every single word.


The philistine townspeople worry that Anselmus may have gone mad as they hear him fantasize about little snakes that one else can see, while Anselmus himself is helplessly torn between the marvellous and the real world. From the pot has sprung a bright lily that represents the love, happiness, and fulfillment of the young couple. Fortunately, Anselmus obtains help from Serpentina and is able to perform his duties impeccably.

One of them, who has marvelous blue eyes, stretches herself snakes are grammatically feminine in German out towards him, and he instantly falls in love with her. He is also the author of the novella The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, on which the famous ballet The Nutcracker is based.

From the many E. They are depicted, rather, as convivial, benevolent, and generous. Das kann hiffmann nur gut werden!

And maybe it’s part of the style, but I found it slightly weird and awkward that whenever using the passive perfect, the auxiliary verb would be left out. Veronika, who fears that she will lose Anselmus, turns for help to the old applemonger in the guise of a friendly old womanwho casts a magic metal mirror during the night of the autumnal equinox.

Darauf richtet sich auch letztlich seine Aussage, die jungen Introvertierten oder hoffnungslosen Abenteuern vermittelt, dass ihr Weg kein falscher ist. View all 8 comments. Not being a native German speaker made things even more difficult.

There, he meets Paulmann’s blue-eyed daughter, Veronika, who falls in love with him. As punishment, the enraged Archivist imprisons him in a crystal bottle on a shelf in his library. Ful framsida; torftig titel. I want to be drawn into believing the magic could happen. An author must make them live and breathe for the reader. The more he works with the manuscripts the more familiar he becomes with them, until one day he copies a document that he can understand.

In this novella, or fairy tale as Hoffmann calls it, the imaginary part is really very unreal and exaggerated, therefore not a Among all the short stories, novellas and fictional books by Hoffmann that I’ve read in the original language German this has been the most difficult one. Aug 12, Czarny Pies rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Definitely not a work that would appeal to everyone, but I was thoroughly amused and taken with it.


I had trouble with it, and I will explain why. I have read that E. Will Anselmus be able to circumvent the machinations of philistine reality mostly in the form of his friend Paulmann’s amorous daughter Veronika and make the lovely and esoterically poetic Serpentina his bride and the famous magician and alchemist Lindhorst his father-in-law, a scenario that both Lindhorst and Anselmus actually much desire, for the former, for Lindhorst, may only return from his banishment and exile from the mythical realm of Atlantis where he was a Salamander, a spirit of fire and flame if he succeeds in marrying off his three serpentine daughters to appropriate human mates, and with “appropriate” is meant poetic, spiritual, childlike and never too bourgeois.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Make sure that the collection of Hoffman tales that you choose to read includes the Golden Pot which provides the interpretive key for everything else that he wrote.

Der goldne Topf

This one is a very short fantasy, so it’s a very quick one and has a very nice prose. Hoffmann saw things we could not have thought of and wrote them down in a way that compels us to believe them. Quotes from Hoffmann goldne Topf. In The Golden Potart and love spring from lives empty of color, beauty, and enthusiasm. I admit, it is quite an original fairytale with a unique style, but something I just couldn’t really get into or relate to.

There, coming from an elder tree, he hears melodious voices and the sounds of crystal bells. Ich sage nur man muss es gelesen haben.