por Nirmala & Rao () como sendo polissomatia e aneussomatia, expressões referidas à euploidia e aneuploidia em células somáticas, respectivamente. 14 set. Vinte amostras foram selecionadas para detecção de aneuploidias .. aneuploidia em 67% dos seus casos de aborto e euploidia em 23%. EÏÏPLOIDIA As alteraçôes do numero de cromossomos podem ser de dois tipos^ “euploidia” e “aneuploidia”. Euploidia consiste na variaçâo numerica de todo o.

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For the BAG 55 accession meiotic and pollen viability analysis were also accomplished.

Intra and inter-observer variation in the interpretation of histological features suggesting chromosomal abnormality in early abortion specimens. Am J Reprod Immunol.

Aneuploidias dos cromossomos sexuais

A systematic study of Pennisetum Sect. In all cases submitted to more than one test, the results were identical to those obtained through cytogenetic analysis.

Genetically controled variability of chromosome number in Pennisetum. A cytogenetic study of spontaneous abortions with direct analysis aneeuploidia chorionic villi. J Matern Fetal Med. Advances in Agronomy, New York, v. Thirty-two of these cases were selected due aneuploidoa failed cytogenetic culture and the other eight were selected randomly. Entre elas destacam-se P. The Nucleus, Lahore, v. How to cite this article. Aneuploifia estes autores realizaram 25 ciclos na primeira etapa e 30 ciclos na segunda etapa da PCR, no presente estudo foram utilizados 35 ciclos e 40 ciclos.


Forty of these cases were also submitted to fetal sex determination using nested-PCR.

Cytogenetic and molecular evaluation of spontaneous abortion samples

Karyotype of the abortus in recurrent miscarriage. Anatomic and chromosomal anomalies in spontaneous abortuses. Anatomic and chromosome anomalies in specimens of early spontaneous abortions: Cytogenetics of pearl millet.

Thirteen of these samples were selected due to failed cytogenetic culture and the other seven were randomly selected. Pathology of aaneuploidia abortions and chromosomal abnormalities in stillbirth and neonatal death. How to cite this article. Pennisetumcytogenetic, chromosome number variation. Placental and decidual histology in spontaneous abortion: Services on Aneuploieia Journal.

A clinical, histophatological and flow cytometric study of complete moles, partial moles and non-molar hydropic abortions. Na segunda etapa foram utilizados os primers 3 e 4 15 do pseudogene da amelogenina localizado no cromossomo Y AMGY.

The cytogenetic observations revealed that there are only variations in somatic level, aneuplokdia a case of polissomaty and aneussomaty. Prenatal detection aneuploiria aneuploidies using fluorescent in situ hybridization: Developmental pathology of the embryo and fetus.

Recebido em 3 de janeiro de e aprovado em 26 de janeiro de Samples that failed to grow on cytogenetic test and that were submitted to other techniques of molecular biology had a success rate of All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Cytogenetic anlysis of miscarriages from couples with recurrent miscarriage: Accessory chromosomes in P.


Genesis of chromosome numerical mosaicism in higher plants. Chromosome analysis of 52 spontaneous abortuses in Brazil. In this study comparative mitotic analysis among this accession with other four elephant grass P. Root tip cell-cycle synchronization and metaphase-chromosome isolation suitable for aneuploidix sorting in common wheat Triticum aestivum L. Cytotaxonomy of some species and of interspecific hybrids of Pennisetum Poaceae, Poales.

Cytogenetic and molecular evaluation of spontaneous abortion samples. Comparison of histological features in early spontaneous and induced trisomic abortions. Efficient direct aneuoloidia analysis and enzyme determinations from chorionic villi samples in the first trimester of pregnancy. Prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities in women with high risk pregnancies.

Genetic aspects of miscarriage. Todos os 40 casos submetidos ao estudo complementar eram de alto risco, euplodia pelo menos um dos seguintes: A cluster analysis method for grouping means in the analysis of variance.

A cytological study of some species in the Tribe Paniceae. American Journal of Botany, New York, v.