Used Electrovoice – E/V EV T PLUS PAIR Speaker Cabinet. What would be better for a bar band, 4 to 5 piece, country-blues-rock, 3 vocals, miking drums-guitars-bass? system A) 1 EV QRX/over 1 EV. Buy used T+ Cabinet Speakers by Electro-Voice. (1) EV DX T+. Dualinch two-way speaker with watts continuous, 3, watts peak.

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I am an electrician so wiring is laid out very well. You seem to have an ok rig.

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Call Jeff between 5pm What I dislike about the horn is that if the cabs aren’t stacked up very high, the horn points down too much. I had one decide to go with EV SX series and use them as wedges. The SRX needed alot of tuning to get it right download the drive settings Have a great day! What cab is “better” depends on perspective, IMHO. The MF horn on the can’t be rotated, obviously.

If interested please feel free to Because, you know when you get a system, one of your buddies always thinks that it’s huge and says, “hey, you’ve got a slamming rig.

Ev T Full Range Speakers Passove For Sale in Ballymount, Dublin from EIRE-MAXX

I second the previous comment that you could start by bi-amping the FMs and if you do well this season, then upgrade to a 15″ and a 2″ bi-amp wedge witch will end the rider discussion. Either way, I was definitely planning on biamping the tops.


If i have to upgrade im probably going to purchase 6 of th xm15 x array wedges. Vintage Speakers Classic Speakers. Logged Fred Garrett Sr. When the DJ stuff went on, it sounded very “Bite-y” and just generally sliced through me. The last guy in there had home made wedges with peavey 15’s and 22xt’s. Get these mutts away from me. I have four of them.

Well preserved by an expert DJ Rick, I researched some of the cabs mentioned within this thread before purchasing my s’. Make an offer on the ones you desire. Anyhoo, sorry to hijack the thread I have just finished putting together a small PA rig.

Please contact me at This ad was posted with the The QRx met my needs and I like its sound.

I eventually went back to passive because I was doing college bars, and I needed more rigs and not higher quality rigs. You can see three of the Carvin TRxs on the initial pause and the 4th one on the second pause of the 1st video No one has complained about using them, how they sound or not enough power.

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This is probably due to the titanium diaphram. You mentioned that the will be sonically better than the Previous 1 2 Next. This is h252 a seat church. I went into a music store looking to buy EV’s for the dj business and after listening walked out with the Q-wave stuff. Used for house use Let me know if we could could do something like that. And sometimes the assymetrical horn is nice. If you are going to consider the QRx, then you may want to also look at the Eb TRx speakers.


Adams, I like the idea of the qrx The benifit of the 3 way design is the hz crossover point, a 12″ does hz-1k better than a 15″ but not nearly has clean and articulate as an 8″ We’re not talking apples to oranges but there is a difference to my ears from ‘ away.

A nice clean stick hit and full round bottom end.

El Cajon California Computers and Parts. Handles a lot of power, but tt252 a lot of power to “stand-up”. I think the EAWs were like a 15x10x1 or something.

He was running flat, and I had a very mild eq, we both had similar power, but mine sounded natural and easy-to-listen-to. That’s an easy decision. Speakers are in very good condition and work great for large and small parties I am firm on the price first