Zodia Plant, Spesies: Evodia Suaveolens [This picture snapshoted by my original smartphone Red Mi 4] Zodia by elhajary. Zodia which in scientific language called Evodia suaveolens, is a plant that has long been used by the indigenous people of Papua as an. A plant that is often used as a mosquito repellent is Zodia (Evodia suaveolens scheff) and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis l.). Some studies have modified the .

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While boiled bark is used as the circulation of malarial fever. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment suaveolns I sniffed and touched every plant which looked remotely like the Evodia Suaveolens.

Evodia suaveolens ·

Did u bring any interesting plants o seeds home….? In the event adatpun Zodia also often used as suavwolens necklace, leaves and flowers zodia strung together with rope, then worn around the neck.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is amazingly effective. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It obviously gave the Zodia the impression that it was a bonsai as it remained an inch tall for a really long time.

Benefits Zodia plant Papua

Pelargonium radula Sorry for the confusion. This site uses cookies. Hi Luc…did u manage to get zodia seeds….? In this way the less savory body odor will be fragrant aroma fragrant like Zodia. The leaves were sticky and the scent was heady.


Sometimes it is used as a tonic or a stamina enhancer. Evodai send me a mail: This was confirmed by According to the analysis conducted at the Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants Balittro by gas chromatography that the oil extracted from the leaves zodia contains a-pinene You can find herbs and fruit tree saplings.

If I take the plant outside, mosquitoes are back in the room within hours. Perhaps once I have enough Zodia in the garden, mosquitoes will really be a thing of the past. Normally I would be woken up a few times during the night by the crackling of the mosquito racquet that we use to zap these pests.

About 3 feet tall. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I should have just gotten one of these evodix begin with. I live in Bali and was offered one of these plants at a plant Center.

Zodia one herbaceous plant of Rutaceae having a high rate of about between 50 cm to 2 meters with a steeper average of 75 cm.

For the first time, I could actually see significant progress. Email required Address never made public. Then someone gave me a tiny Zodia. Guess this Zodia will continue to remain elusive. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Does it really keep the mozzies away?

In addition some of these plants contain Evodiamine literature and rutaecarpine and also useful as anti-cancer properties. Plants Zodia smeared on the body, at the time of going to a party. Ants are great agents of pollination. I remember when we were in primary school, there was a time when everyone rushed around to get this mosquito-repellant plants.


Hey folkshas anybody seeds of the Zodia — Evodiaa graveolens availlable. I was hoping to pollinate the microscopic flowers but gave up after a couple of tries. I have been looking for this for ages…. You are commenting using your WordPress. Therefore there is no harm if we plant Zodia potted put in a corner or near a window.

May b not a wise thing to do…. August 15, by typicalgardener.

Then one day I saw buds, then flowers. Posted in Fragrant plants 49 Comments.

LOL — the smell is … potent, i guess. No idea if they worked or not. Zodia Evodia Sauveolens is an endemic plant that originated from Papua Indonesia but is now cultivated plants zodia already started suaveilens various places.

Zodia odor or scent distinctly unwelcome mosquitos so make dross of mosquitoes is not over and gone. After the first night with the plant in the room she reported zero mosquito bites or encounters. I am living in Mexico.