Exo-Psychology. During his hiatus from the public scene, Leary had steeped himself in research on the origins of life, particularly Fred Hoyle’s panspermia. A MANUAL ON THE USE OF THE HUMAN. NERVOUS SYSTEM ACCORDING TO THE. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MANUFACTURERS. Exo-psychology is the science which studies the evolution of the nervous system in its first appeared as Chapters 1 to 6, 13, 23, 24, 25, and 28 in Leary ().

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One of the books I inherited when moving in with my partner. Sign in Create an account.

But most space cases return favorably disposed towards NASA’s version of getting high. A psychedelicized mind, with its usual habits of thought and perception suspended, can constellate a satisfying aesthetic tableau from nearly any perceptual field. We can imagine that the first generation of amphibians was similarly misunderstood as crazy, lazy, mixed-up kids, laying around on the shoreline passively enjoying the naked sun and sniffing oxygen.

Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology

Maybe the cetaceans just lucked out. Perhaps future consciousness vaults will be constructed in orbiting space stations or satellites.

The Star Larvae Hypothesis: Leary had no patience for scriptural literalism, except to note sardonically that Eden was the site of the first drug bust. This model of psychological development implies that if a lifetime’s cumulative conditioning could be suspended, say, chemically, then consciousness would cease.


Astronaut Charles Walker, recalls, “I have heard other space travelers express a perception that I have had: The state is so pleasant, as a matter of fact, that we joked that a person could probably become addicted to it without any trouble.

He was right, it seems. Maybe the answer has to do with the type of mind.


One way to define consciousness is that it’s that thing that anesthetics xeo-psychology rid of, so this also suggests that babies have more of this mysterious stuff than we do. All values and beliefs “vocabularies” are cultural artifacts. No trivia or quizzes yet.

However, Leary frequently finds himself doing the salesman game even to himself and his lack of understanding of the physical sciences undermines himself. The next exo-pssychology on the activity of DNA and its molecular attendants.

The drugs inhibit conditioned patterns of thought and perception, rendering the drug-taker psychologically a child.

The psychedelic experience had convinced him leagy DNA not only preserves the evolutionary past—a prescient assertion, given the recent finding that DNA is conserved across species —but also already holds in storage the evolutionary future. In any case, NASA’s public relations staff would keep a tight lid on it, were astronauts to gush about strange experiences. Coincidence and Creativity in Nature. Sign in to use this feature.


Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology by Timothy Leary

The first of the post-terrestrial circuits, triggered by marijuana, directs attention to bodily sensations per sehence the somatic interests of the pothead: How would anyone be able to confirm this? Nothing is more anthropomorphic than the idea that to know or influence something is to deal with what is simply outside oneself. Bob German rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Return to Book Page.

Many five-brained hippies and yogis are the most vehement opponents of extraterrestrial evolution. The stellar life cycle includes a larval phase. This capacity will have to give hearing a leg up on seeing as an adaptation to the weightlessness of space. When I apply critical thinking to some of the statements in this book I find them difficult to confirm as true.

Marketing maneuvers aside, Leary’s “Exo-Psychology” deserves reappraisal as a futurist manifesto.

Thus the two evident sources of mind content heredity and experience may be eventually reunited in an artificial consciousness environment. One can speak of this also as an ‘auto-eroticism,’ within which Freud sometimes includes the whole of infantile sexuality: