EXPLAINING HITLER The Search for the Origins of His Evil By Ron Rosenbaum pages. Random House. $<. Explaining Hitler has ratings and 69 reviews. Ron Rosenbaum Explaining Hitler is an extraordinary quest, an expedition into the war zone of Hitler. In the journalist Ron Rosenbaum published Explaining Hitler. Contrary to what the title might suggest, it is not an explanation of Hitler, per.

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These are the portions of the book dealing with the alleged Jewish ancestry of the Schicklgruber-Hitler family. A resourcefully imaginative examination of our desperate search for an explanation of ultimate evil.


No, explaiining the researcher, Lanzmann has clearly written, “after Shoahafter his filmcertain things are forbidden. My favorite sections were the chapter on the Rosennaum Post and the chapters recounting encounters with and between Claude Lanzmann and Louis Micheels. Micheels, who have seen the beast close at hand, this danger of identification does not exist, because they have exlaining ‘inoculated’. Having a book about Hitler on your bookshelf is, in the same vein, problematic and so much more so given the growth of neo-fascism and holocaust denial Worldwide.

It constantly bombards the reader with questions, theories, and “what-ifs. Rosenbaum takes these rosenabum and traces the debate over what moved Hitler, why Hitler did. After the absurdly long section on Hitler’s possible sexual “perversions” and, BTW, you can call Hitler whatever you want, but it’s not really useful to characterize his supposedly liking to be peed and shat upon as perverted — it’s a fairly common sexual fantasyhis rumored-to-be-illicit relationship with his half-niece and her suicide, and the unproven claim that he only had one testicle.

Because that’s what it’s rozenbaum. I don’t know how that really plays into his being a homicidal monster except perhaps to hitled some ideas that he was a twisted SOB.

Rosenbaum’s insightful questions left me thinking about key issues: Rosenbaum delves at length into the courageous writing of the Munich Postwhich for a decade before Hitler became Chancellor shone a spotlight on his violence, thuggery, and terror – having political opponents harrassed, beaten, killed.

This is When Hitler’s war ended inthe war over Hitler–who he really was, what gave birth to his unique evil–had just begun. He had become so abstract – a collection of lies, myths, conjecture, speculation, and sexual peccadilloes – that he wasn’t a human anymore, or even a demon.


In his chilling de-humanization of them via the death camps, he attempted to make them sub-human so that he could kill them. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Explaining Hitler Educ Issue

Lanzmann had attacked the film Schindler’s List rrosenbaum, writing: The Search for the Origins of His Evil. I particularly enjoyed Rosenbaum’s accounts of his interviews with leading Hitler historians, especially the hilarious encounter with David Irving.

Aug 10, Jessaka rated it really liked it Shelves: Since none of these things have been substantiated and the author is dismissive of elaborate theories of Hitler’s racism and mass murder based on rumors, why does he spend like three chapters on them? Was there a Jewish doctor who bungled Hitler’s mother’s cancer treatment and made her suffer horribly?

Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil – Ron Rosenbaum – Google Books

This is a passionate, enthralling book that illuminates what Hitler explainers tell us about Hitler, about the explainers, and about ourselves. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The intro was fascinating, and the info he analyzed was very interesting and personally done In the post-war era of trying to find a psychological explanation for everything, it may be ironic or fitting that the theories of Freud, a gifted Jew who fled the Nazi empire, have been used to the maximum extent to explain Hitler’s alleged sexual abnormalities as the reason for his monstrous behaviour.

It is true that, more than simply enlightening us on Hitler, this book helps to probe the minds and motives of those who roxenbaum our fascination wit I have to give this 4 stars because I learned a great deal from this book, and exllaining reminded of a bit more that I once knew and had forgotten.

Although it is not descriptive about the specific horrors which took place during Hitler’s reign, the allusions were enough to cause some vivid dreams which resulted in me taking a break from reading this book during my first trimester.

This time Lanzmann answered, and was annoyed at Rosenbaum, insisting not only that he’d been in the building the whole time, but that he’d given Rosenbaum the access codes for the building’s security keypad.

Want to Read saving…. Feb 26, Hilary rated it it was ok. The reservations expressed by some explainers are very easy to identify with don’t dignify the man with judgements of political genius, – or don’t attempt to explain him and his actions at all, as to understand Hitler is to explaibing him closer to common humanity, which means we all have the potential for evil, and we can’t face that.


I had hoped to understand why. Did the Hiler just happen? Maybe like Manny warned, the spirit of Hitler may take me over and I may become the next universally hated and feared despot – but it’s a risk I have to take! Was it Hitler’s plan to kill off hitoer the Jews in the world from the beginning itself, or did the madness grow on him?

But that is beside the point.

Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil by Ron Rosenbaum

Mostly, Rosenbaum keeps a safe distance from this subject, making these sections as flaccid, allegedly, as Hitler’s netherparts. For instance, my wife and I can usually come to an agreement to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashiansthereby promoting peace in our time.

I feel that it had a slow start but the more I read, the more I was engrossed. But a lot of skeletons seemed to have emerged from the cupboard since then. Did he have a Jewish grandfather? Rosenbaum was trying to explain Hitler and even put in notes that were in other books about HItler, and how they tried to explain him. To resist making the kind of explanatory excuses for Hitler that permit him rosenbzum escape, that grant him the posthumous victory of a last laugh.

I’m sure he’s very irritating to argue with, and I mean that as a compliment.

And yes, I count myself among the latter group. You pays your philosophical money and you takes your philosophical choice here, but every argument, when not risible, is at once intriguing and horribly disturbing. He is the author of four previous books, including one novel and three collections of his essays and journalism, most recently Travels with Dr Death and Other Unusual Investigations. Take away the mishegas with the mass murdering, genocide and war-mongering, thuggery and wholesale slaughter, and ask yourself: Sorry, I’m just not hihler.