Thank you very much for purchasing FANTEC FHDL. We hope you will The FANTEC FHDL design and manufacture has your safety in mind. In order to safely. FANTEC MM-HDRTV. Media Recorder & DVB-T. Download. Revision 6 BETA. Firmware Revision 6 BETA. You can examine Fantec MM-HDRTV Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for Fantec MM-HDRTV. Besides, it’s possible to.

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Press to enter the setup menu. How does it happens, i cannot reanswer.

But do not forget to use the “savely remove hardware” windows function before you disconnect the cable. This limitation only applies to TV use. Preview This small preview window will show the current program of the selected channel. I wonder how this happend. ENTER button to confirm. After the hdd has been formatted, the player restarts and is now ready to use. Press to begin playback.

Select when a bedjenungsanleitung Compress the image to convert the whole image. In the setup interface is language setup, the selected language will take effect immediately.


Dies kann einige Minuten dauern. Text Encoding Select to set text encoding.

The actual contents in the package might be different from the packing list in this manual. If you have deleted all partitions, you have to disconnect the HDRL from fahtec pc.


Are these partitions a result of the chk disk?? Bedienubgsanleitung and a NTFS partition. One hour time shift uses 4 GB space on your hdd.

The device will initialize, when you turn on the power and after a minute it will change to standby.


Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Press to mute audio output, and press again to resume. Press to fast forward the current playback. Einige Fernseher interpretieren diese Signale als kein Signal und werden einen Bluescreen oder Bildschirmschoner anzeigen.

Use the navigational buttons to select and modify the settings, and press the ENTER button to confirm.

FANTEC MM-HDRL Media Recorder / Player (SALE12010401)

Then it turns off red light. Select to sort all files according to the length of the Recording Time recordings Title Name Select to sort all files alphabetically, according to title name. I reinstalled the latest firmware.


Firmware installation will start in about 30 seconds. When you use the player the first time, connect it to the TV with the AV-cable first! File Copy Menu Step 1: Press to input channel numbers.

Fantec MM-HDRTV DVB-T Recorder | MyBroadband

Press to enter the file copy menu. Hello, wait a minute, i think we mm–hdrtv a little missunderstanding now. Before using the network functions, please check mm-hdrtv items: If the hdrl does not show the hdd initial setup but starts correctly, you have to go to the initial setup manualy. I have checked the disk with windows hdd manager as you say and, yes there are more than 2 partitions.

Thanks for your answer.

Indeed the player is only able to read data from the NTFS partition.