By this point, Fantomina claims she is in love with Beauplaisir, and would do anything to engage in intercourse with him again. Fantomina makes excuses to her. Love as sentiment and love as a sexual response are two sides of the same coin. Both are intertwined in Eliza Haywood complex relationship. Eliza Haywood begins this turbulent tale with a charming first sentence: “Nothing is so generally coveted by Womankind, as to be accounted Beautiful; yet.

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Like a lot of the stuff I’m trudging through this semester, Fantomina is a text that I find really fascinating to talk about with others, but that doesn’t wow me on some sort of visceral or long-term level.

The complexity of Love in Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze by E. Haywood. « Women Writers,

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He then turned the Discourse wholly on the Violence of [Page ] the Passion he had for her; and express’d the greatest Discontent in the World at the Apprehensions of being separated; — swore he could dwell for ever in her Arms, and with such an undeniable Earnestness pressed to be permitted to tarry with her the whole Night, that had she been less charm’d with his renew’d Eagerness of Desire, she scarce would have had the Power of refusing him; but in granting this Request, she was not without a Thought that he had another Reason for making it besides the Extremity of his Passion, and had it immediately in her Head how to disappoint him.

Bloomer a recent widow. Advice by Fantomina spoilers: He falls in love with her than became tired of her and left. You may judge, resumed she, by the melancholy Garb I am in, that I have lately lost all that ought to be valuable to Womankind; but it is impossible for you to guess the Greatness of my Misfortune, unless you had known my Husband, who was Master of every Perfection to endear him to a Wife’s Affections.

Open Preview See a Problem? You are commenting using your Twitter account. I T may, perhaps, seem strange that Beauplaisir should in such near Intimacies continue still deceiv’d: Views Read Edit View history.

Feb 11, Praiz Sophyronja rated it really liked it. This sharply contrasts the wits that are necessary to fool him, which Fantomina demonstrates. Published May 16th by Dodo Press first published Beauplaisir is a level of stupid that left me incredulous, scoffing with laughter. Eliza Haywood, explored these themes in her short story Fantomina: That’s not the case here, and the result is a narration sta The amatory fiction, exemplified here, is a precursor of the romance novel.


He was there before her; and nothing cou’d be more tender than the Manner in which he accosted her: The story begins with Fantomina, if that is even really her name, ready to explore sex and love, as a reader you get the chance to take a sexual journey with this young lady as she experiences an odd identity crisis, all to attract the attention of a man named Beauplaisir. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The complexity of Love in Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze by E. Haywood.

She loved Beauplaisir ; it was only he whose Solicitations could give her Pleasure; and had she seen the whole Species despairing, dying for her sake, it might, perhaps, have been a Satisfaction to her Pride, but none to her more tender Inclination. In stereotypical male fashion Beauplaisir lets his lower passions negate his ability to think and reason.

And while her desires have to be publicly subdued throughout the story, she is the one orchestrating their sexual encounters.

Innocence and delicacy were considered critical values of woman in the eighteenth century. Fantomina was exciting and also a different novel for its era because it revealed a contrast of the concept for what was expected for a woman.

She gives her protagonist great agency at the beginning of the piece, enabling Fantomina to manipulate Beauplaisir by seducing him under the guise of a prostitute.

But he was presently perceiving what was her Distemper, call’d the old Lady aside, and told her, it was not a Doctor of his Sex, but one of her own, lovf Daughter stood in need of. It never so much as enter’d his Head, and though he did fancy he observed in the Face of the latter, Features which were not altogether unknown to him, yet he could not recollect when or where he had known them; — and being told by her, that from her Birth, she had [Page ] never remov’d from Bristola Place where he never was, he rejected loge Belief of having seen her, and fantominna his Mind had been deluded by an Idea of some other, whom she might have a Resemblance of.

I give this three and a half out of five thumbs up because even though I enjoyed this story the English was old language and at times hard to read.

Email required Address never made public. So, Fantomina enjoys all of the “benefits” of coming from a lower class, without having to endure the actual economic constraints. Her grief prompts him to try to raise her spirits, which results in them having sex in an inn along the way. They fly that wound, and they pursue that dye.


I would recommend this book to anyone who is taking a course in topics such as afntomina and sexuality.

She appears naive to everyone but actually outwits the man. Haywood did a good job tying a woman’s obsession with a ghostly narrarive.

I was describing the plot to my mom afterwards and screaming. She writes there is nothing she will lobe him, except the sight of her face. To her delight, she attracts the attention of Beauplaisir, a young handsome aristocrat.

After learning about Haywood I have a lot of respect for this short read. This character was cut short because the mother of all the well thought out characters returned home.

Fantomina: Or, Love in a Maze.

Love as sentiment and love as a sexual response are two sides of the same coin. However, unaware that his lady is only playing a part, Beauplaisir engages her as he would any other prostitute and takes her forcefully. When Beauplaisir sees her, he believes her to be a new pove, and makes romantic overtures.

Both are intertwined in Eliza Haywood complex relationship between a Lady and a man called Beauplaisir. She had no sooner satisfy’d her weeping Mother, than that sorrowful Lady sent Messengers at the same Time, for a Midwife, and for that Gentleman who had occasion’d the other’s being wanted.

Apr 03, Ashley rated it it was ok. Oct 10, Bonnie Wells rated it really famtomina it Shelves: However, upon taking a closer look that does not appear to be the case at all and I find the overarching themes of Fantomina problematic.

He did not, however, offer, as he had done to Fantomina and Celiato urge his Passion directly to her, but by fantoina thousand little softning Artifices, which he well knew how to use, gave her leave to guess he was enamour’d.

It’s only saving grace is that it’s written interestingly which keeps it from being a complete nightm An absolutely miserable experience. She forces another chance meeting with Beau and was able to captivate him for a fangomina until he decided to ghosts her again.