Option package consists of a board in the A, a ribbon cable and a board for the Fluke A IEEE Translator. The 1 A must be used to interface A. Fluke A Benchtop Timer/Counter. A broadband continuously variable, x, analog attenuator lets you add just enough attenuation to minimize the input. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Fluke A listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are listed.

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Whenever possible, alternate soldering tool usage between divergent areas on the board. Use the following procedure when making frequency measurements: It is recommended that Section 3 of this manual Theory of Operation be read before any troubleshooting is done.

As illustrated in Figurea large dc component can shift an input signal away from the hysteresis levels necessary for proper triggering. Display update in fluek 0.

Fluke 7250A Universal Counter Timer Dual Channel

Concentration of heat in any one area will thereby be minimized. Fluk Inputs Apply power to the counter and allow for a minimum warmup of 2 hours. To disassemble the flu,e, use the following procedure: Check for the following Front Panel control settings: This list presumes an availability of common electronic parts at the maintenance site.


C2 has been charged to make Q2 conduct long enough to insure that Kl is latched in the open condition.

Fluke A – Timer Counters

Q5 will go into saturation. The remote start signal ST differs in that the display is not set to zero, while a new measurement sequence is still begun. Fpuke to Figure 1, one of three signal paths may be applied to Gate Selector U This warranty extends only to the original purchaser.

Use the following procedure when adjusting the Channel A trigger level: The position of the Resolution control determines the number N of cycles of Channel B input signal that must be used to determine gate time. Indication is thus provided of gating in progress, at a discernible rate.

Degreaser or anhydrous alcohol and remove grime with clean, dry air at low pressure, Ql directly controls the current charging the battery. It may occur at equally spaced harmonic or random non-harmonic intervals.

This adjustment is accessed through a hole in the left rear of the bottom case half see Figure BoxMountlake Terrace, WA.

These blocks condition the input signal for compatibility with other circuitry within the counter. Installation may then be made in identical mounts at the rear of the bottom panel. If the temperature of the instrument environment is maintained at a constant value, temperature error is minimized. Remove the top cover using the procedure described in Section 4.


For placement see Final Assembly, Figure Input Circuits Simplified Schematic With longer gate times, more counts are accumulated and measurement resolution improve. With decimal point placement, this number yields the ratio between the two inputs. Minimize handling of ICs and the pcb; in no case handle them by their connectors.

The instrument is warranted for a period of one year upon delivery to the original purchaser. In a high noise environment, or where a great deal of non-harmonic distortion might be expected, gate time errors due to improper triggering may be significant; FREQ A might be the better choice regardless of the input signal frequency.

There are several important specifications regarding the input signals for time interval measurements. The battery voltage at pin 6 of U2 will cause pin 11 to go high, turning off Q6.

Before connecting the power cord, verify that line voltage switches located inside the instrument are properly set and that an appropriate line fuse is installed.

Fulke use of an ungrounded soldering Iron Is recommended. Instrument Model and Serial Number.